Having FPS-drop issues, need help :(

Hello evryone ,

Im having FPS drop issues to certain parts of the maps and when it gets crowed in multiplayer games , animations etc…

My specs are GTX 650 Geforce , Intel i7-4770 CPU @ 3.40 ghz

8 gig ram
64 bit / windows 10 .

Ive searched amongst couple of topics , and didnt find a real solution either then reinstalling my windows 10 . I have more then the recommend specs but even if i play all at the very lowest i cant keep a good fps , and its really killing me in multiplayer games . My Geforce experience program cant optimize my game because i dont have the hardware for it , wich is weird . Does anyone have any kind of solution ? Thank you in advance !


I know that doesn’t fix having absurdly low FPS (More detail is better by the way, what’s your settings/resolution?), but you’re right under recommended in your GPU. Have you tried reinstalling your drivers, or clean installing them by using DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller)?

Yeah, I was just going to say that your GPU actually doesn’t reach the recommended specs but Omega beat me to it.
And the recommended specs really don’t seem to be good enough to run the game at a good framerate, from what I’ve seen.

Personally I also get some pretty significant FPS drops, especially at the start of matches. Yesterday I got a whopping 1FPS at the character select screen! It does stable itself out after I leave the starting ship.

What helped some other people:

  1. Clean reinstall of your GPU drivers.
  2. Reinstall .NET Framework 4.5, visual c++ 2010 and visual c++ 2011 redistributables (like here http://steamcommunity.com/app/394230/discussions/0/365163686087461277/). You can try different packages sources, either from Microsoft’s website or from your steam_folder/SteamApps/common/Battleborn/Binaries/Redist.
  3. Refresh steam settings: https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=3134-TIAL-4638.

Do all of what @maskerader said, and this link is for step number 1.

Edit: Also, I haven’t actually played Battleborn yet (I just like being helpful with technical issues), but if they’re using their Unreal Engine version from Borderlands 2, expect a huge demand on only certain cores of your CPU. It may be in your best interest if you want to specifically play Battleborn to limit how many cores are active, and overclock the active cores, if you know how to.

Battleborn uses Unreal Engine 3 too. Are there different versions of UE3 or they all basically the same?

Oh, they’re all different. Borderlands 2’s version especially. Borderlands 2, while in theory was well optimized and could run on potatoes, the engine didn’t allow for better hardware to be properly utilized. This resulted in people with great setups running below 50FPS at times. Hopefully, Battleborn isn’t like that. I did look it up though, and Battleborn is UE3, so I don’t have very high hopes for performance. Of course, that doesn’t mean that the OP’s performance isn’t caused by external factors.

Unrelated: I appreciate how your avatar appears to be the Space Engineer from well… Space Engineers.

I have done your steps but it didnt help to bad , i still had the drops , and its always at certain parts of the map , like turning a 180 degrees with my character is like a chang of worlds

I have done mr. maskerader instructions , but it didnt change anything for me . Changing resolution didnt change anything either . It really drops at the same places of the maps and objects .

Thanks for the help guys , untill now nothing worked , time for me to get a new graphic card ?

I’d say that if you are interested in any future triple A titles, you’ll have to upgrade. Nvidia already came out with the 1XXX line of GPUS, 650 is unfortunately not powerful enough to run newer games anymore. And X50 has never been a powerhouse in it’s gen either, it’s more of a budget card. At least by my standards :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thx for your reply man , do u have any suggestions on what graphic card to get ? , i can like spent like a 200 dollars / 175 euros at the moment .

Honestly, with that budget I would look into AMD rather than Nvidia. And also do some serious price hunting, check multiple stores for their prices. I’m not very familiar with AMD though since all my own computers have been intel/nividia, maybe someone else could chip in? Might want to look into used too, if you’re willing to take the risk.

Also, on general performance tips, you could try squeezing out a little more out of your current GPU by overclocking it, if you can get the cooling needed. Then you could save up money for a significant upgrade, it’s not really worth buying a new GPU if you can only upgrade it’s power by 20%. A clean OS install can also help tremendously! Also trying to keep all background processes to a minimum is a good idea.
NVIDIA Express also reportedly lowers performance, though I don’t know what that is based on.

I personally have an AMD R9 270, which performs pretty well. I run at 1440x900@75hz though, so the hardware demand to get 75FPS is just a little under 1080p@60. I just don’t have a very powerful processor to back it up with. So, I would definitely recommend AMD for both budget gaming, and DirectX 12 applications.

Thx for the info & tips !

Im gonna look into some AMD then it seems , thanks for sharing

Yeah. My brother has an R9 390 running at 1080p@60hz, reaching 60FPS in well optimized games at all times, and my other brother has a Fury X running at 1080p@144hz (with Freesync, it looks great), reaching 90-144FPS typically on high settings. Of course, this is capped at their respective refresh rates.