Having fun at mayhem 0

Was playing mayhem 10 for a long while,Wife and I got bored of the modifiers, we just stopped playing … Last week we rolled new characters and decided to not activate mayhem levels, and I must say TVHM is, in my opinion, way more entertaining than any mayhem levels. Every gun is good, every build can work… no stupid gameplay changing mods. We might try mayhem 4 but we are just bored of these modifiers, I miss the OG mayhem mode.


If they would change it so no annointed gear would drop without Mayhem on I would never touch it again.


I started playing TVHM way back with my first character, under the initial level cap. Didn’t get that far though - I’ve been pretty much exclusively playing NVHM on MH2. That gives me a small difficulty boost over plain NVHM plus the automatic levelling, and there are plenty of modifier combinations I can live with at that point. At some point I’ll go back and resume TVHM. Haven’t decided if I’ll keep the same MH2 or drop it down to 1 or 0.


I really enjoy min/maxing in M10 and finding builds so strong it makes it easy. But if I want to lay back and use some less than optimal legendaries, I find mayhem 6 a pretty comfortable spot. Especially if you are using M10 versions of those legendaries. The bosses being less tanky is a pretty nice bonus.


Exactly the same, quite the wh0re for min maxing in games just because of how satisfying it is and this game is no exception, if mayhem 10 had no modifiers to reduce screen clutter and random annoying stuff the game would be a hundred times better


Just finished working through the Mutator Arena in TPS, and @Adabiviak is absolutely right - that would have been the perfect way to set up Mayhem 2.0. Just move the controls from a terminal to your echo, keep the difficulty separate from the modifiers and let us cycle through each category as we please.


Is that your first time there? I love that place. (Plus Racist Hot Dog and Party Cat are still pretty funny.) :smile:

That’s true. I am usually big on aiming for headshots and such, but lately, I can’t even see the enemies! xD

No, I’ve done it before. This was the first time I sat down and systematically went through all the options though. I love the setup for that place. It’s definitely a nice way to allow players to dial in their own difficulty though.

Gbx makes mayhem have random buffs/nerfs to elements and other things… Community says the rng makes it awful.

Gbx actually listens and makes mayhem 4. No rng, just pure difficulty. Community is happy and says we would love some me more

Gbx comes out with Mayhem 2.0. This removed the beloved mayhem 4 and replaced with full rng random modifiers that pollute your screen, cause game crashes… Mess up weapon balance and add zero fun.
Community facepalms.

Play with no annoints and mayhem 0 is awesome. If it’s too easy. Turn off guardian rank. :+1:


I’ve been playing the game lately as if mayhem doesn’t exist. So if I beat normal mode, I go to tvhm/second playthrough with a character. Enjoy the dlc twice as much that way and don’t feel obligated to level grind each character. Only time I enter mayhem of any kind is once I reach max level, and even then I take it slow by mobbing my favorite maps, slaughters and trials. Doing it that way is way more fun in my opinion. Gives me more of that old school bl2 feeling, where the levelling is just as fun as the loot grind. Glad to see more people enjoying it this way. Imo it makes the game way more versatile and fun.


all hail no mayhem

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Or farm for gear at a level that makes the game as difficult as you like there.

This is my plan, though I don’t think they’re done tinkering with Mayhem Mode yet, and want to wait until I think they’re done. In the meantime, this still works.

Even Mayhem Mode 1 with Lootsplosion is pretty unintrusive to the actual combat. It’s the reason I park at MM4 - by default, the Easy is set to Lootsplosion, and Hard is usually Chain Gang because that’s actually fun to me. I’ll pick a different Easy modifier if I’m looking for a little spice.

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I really need to get back to TPS then. I stopped playing after I finished the original content and never went back. I keep hearing that it’s better now. The mutator arena (similar to earlier FPS?) sounds amazing.

The modifiers are absolutely awful, no one wanted this. They’ve destroyed the end game completely. I’ve pretty much accepted that my weapons now permanently don’t do 75% crit because it’s seems the best of the very hard ones. All my friends quit this game because of the mayhem modifiers, ALL OF THEM.


I also don’t think GBX even considered how modifiers can severely hurt matchmaking and playing with friends. I’m always running my uRad/Jakobs FL4K build, however there are two different modifiers that can absolutely cripple that build: not in the face and totally radical. Well, I’ve entered too many lobbies in which an Amara is host, and they have the -75 crit modifier. There’s even been a few that have both those modifiers I just mentionee. So after 15 - 30 minutes of trying to find some takedown lobbies, I now HAVE to quit because my build is completely effin’ useless. What a waste of goddamn time.

If im being honest, I most likely won’t even bother doing the free upgrade to next-gen consoles if this modifier disaster isn’t addressed. I love this game and franchise but it’s getting to the point where the modifiers are sucking all the fun and enjoyment I have playing. It’s not something we ever asked for, and it’s certainly not we wanted for endgame.


In mayhem one it’s better. You can roll the fast run after kill stuff. It’s amazing.
Unfortunatly you still can’t do that with a lvl 1 character. For some reason i have to finish the main story for mayhem.

Yep. I’d be playing at mayhem nothing except for this bug a couple of my characters have. Thus, I play at M1 and just sticking to lootsplosion or slayer as my modifier isn’t bad.

I might just go ahead and level up some “replacement” mains to 65 and hope Gearbox doesn’t decide to raise the cap again in the near future despite what they’ve said (gonna wait and see what happens with the skill tree DLC, I get the feeling it’ll go up to 70 or 75 with that.)