Having issues playing Borderlands: Handsome Collection? Please read

I am here for a few reasons… I have been in contact with 2K about the matchmaking issues in Borderlands since the end on June '15 and have had little to no help in the matter, in fact one person who replied accused me of saying no one could get online, which is far from what I was saying.
Basically I’m here to ask if anyone plays on Xbox one to add me (GT: Stonedtrippy), I play as often as I can find someone to play with.
But most importantly I want to know if anyone else is experiencing matchmaking issues, e.g like when playing pre-sequel can you find any games to join, same with b2. The more people I have supporting that there is an issue and that little is being done the better as I am in contact with trading standards and need as much evidence as I can get.
I already have a few people who are willing to say that they have gotten in contact with 2K over this issue and they and I have been asked endless amounts of useless questions which require a lot of information which is nothing to do with the issue to try and put us off continuing with this matter.
The most recent question I was asked is what are all the levels of all my characters on pre-sequel and borderlands 2 and all their information and gear (which any borderlands player would know listing all the gear you have would take forever, I mean you know how many guns there are!!)

Please reply to this thread or message me on xbox one if you are experiencing the same issue (no games found when matchmaking). I believe the consumers are being taken advantage of as we are all aware the game has been out for months and ever since I started playing I have had this issue and there have been no signs of it getting better and all 2K can ask me is do I live in Dallas, Texas? (I’m from UK).
Don’t let them get away with releasing a game which doesn’t live up to what they advertised. They claim matchmaking is possible and anyone who experiences the same issue I do knows that is not the case. 2K claim it is a small number of people playing who experience this issue but yet everyone of my 200+ xbox live friends who play the handsome collection has the same issue.

So again please anyone who is having these issue please get in touch via replying or message me on xbox (GT Stonedtrippy) as I need all the evidence I can get about how many people are experiencing this problem as not being able to find matches on this game seriously hinders the gameplay and as 2K have been hiding these issues from consumers I think they are breaching some consumer act. Trading Standards require a lot of evidence and if you can help that would be great as it would be a step forward in this game working as advertised.

Add me too if you want to play sometime :smiley:

UPDATE 9th Oct '15
No news as of yet still waiting for a reply after sending a list of the gear I have.
Was hoping that to find out when this issue started, I have spoken to some who say they have had this issue since release but 2K say its recent (I have been having this issue since July, not exactly recent now).
Can you let me know when you bought the game please and when you started having the matchmaking issue please, trying to get as much information as I can. I know for a fact that this is an issue that has been happening since the beginning of July just wondering how long was it going on before that.


Added you GT Immense Pradeje

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Thanks for the post. I live in Dallas, TX and I have the same issue with both titles on the Handsome Collection.

If you live in Dallas, I recommend getting in touch with them as they asked as they wanted to come out and inspect my hardware for some reason if I was from Dallas.
They may just be trying to blame your hardware for their issue though… Add me if you want to play sometime :smile:

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I believe the post @Stonedtrippy is referring to is this one:

And all frustration-driven sarcasm aside, I really doubt they would ask that just to “blame your hardware”. This is obviously a bug that is proving particularly difficult to track down and solve; being able to trouble-shoot from both ends of the process would be invaluable. Besides, how many people actually know how to correctly identify and report all the settings between their console and their ISP? Much easier to just go and look for yourself.

BTW, in that same thread they’re asking for people having the problem to post their gamer tags. I assume this means they’re trying to identify the source of the problem with help from Microsoft, since the connections and games lists are managed through their system.

@VaultHunter101 it is out of frustration that I said that they would probably blame the hardware but its also because in private messages they have tried to say it is my issue so many times its laughable. Whenever I have come on the forums in the past all I have seen is people saying they are having the same issue and then in messages to 2K they are telling me they are unaware of it.
It took them a good 2 months before they finally said to me they knew of the issue but as I have said above since then all they have done is ask difficult questions like wanting me to write down all characters on both games with their levels and all their gear and with all the guns in this game how are you supposed to write them all without spending an absurd amount of time giving them pointless information. I think they are asking to see whether I have any black weapons, which I have assured them I do not I am awaiting a reply about that.

I want to say I never saw the post @VaultHunter101 shared. I was asked via private messages about whether I was from Dallas, but good to see that this information is around elsewhere on the forums.

What i get from that question, while very diffacult to answer and time consuming, is that they are trying to find something, anything, which may be a common denominator between you and everyone else having the issue.
They need as much information as possible. Perhaps its a combination of certain gear that is making matchmaking bug out.
The oddest things can break a game and they seem to be investigating every possibility regardless of how rediculous it seems from an outside point of view.

I understand that but if you saw the information I have already given and how many messages have gone back and forth I’d hope you’d be feeling the same way.
I have said I will provide this information but it will take some time but I was being threatened with them closing the ticket for my issue if I didn’t reply within a certain amount of time.

It’s a confirmed bug as they increased the legendary loot drop rate and it must of bugged the matchmaking, I’m also wondering if anyone could help me with op 3 and 4 I will give gun/s in exchange

Been having the same exact problem since I got the game. Which was about a week ago. I also changed friends only to public and it still doesn’t work. Just need at least one person to jam with. None of my friends even play this anymore. When I get home from work I’ll add you . my gamer tag should come up as xxpurplekushxx

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Added you Grante75

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I have the same problem on the XBox One for BL2 and the Pre-Sequel. It’s deader than a doornail on finding people to play with online.

I have both of these games also on my XBox 360. No problem finding people to play with for BL2 (even tonight no problem). Finding people to play with on the Pre-Sequel on the 360 happens, but there have few matches, probably due to the game not having as many players out there.

On the XBox One, I never found any players with TPS or BL2, none at all.

I’ve 100%ed BL2 and 96%ed TPS (haven’t gotten my LVL 52 toons high enough to be effective on the Mutator arena yet) on both consoles.

@Kitty_Jo, just another thought I had no weapons/gear when I started having this issue so they are looking for a common denominator that isn’t there.

You are just another person confirming to me that this is a major issue going ignored. I have spoken to a family member who works in legal for EA and is encouraging me to keep fighting and to take if as far as I need to. Add me on Xbox gt Stonedtrippy if you fancy playing sometime.

I can personally assure you this issue is not being ignored. The team is investigating it and trying to cull together as much info as possible and as soon as there is news to report, we’ll pass it along. In the meantime, try to be as forthcoming with information as you can. I know it can seem tedious sometimes, but first hand accounts are crucial in these cases. Thanks for your continued patience!

EDIT: To reiterate as above, if any of you live in the Greater Dallas area, please let us know.

The drop rate increase occurred on all supported platforms. The only platform that has issues with matchmaking is Xbox One. Therefore, it is only logical to conclude that the drop rate increase did not negatively impact matchmaking. If it had, multiple platforms (if not all of them) would be impacted. GBX is still trying to determine exactly what is causing the issue for THC on Xbox One.

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I can’t help but feel this issue has gone ignored for a while, I have spoken to people who claim to have had this issue since release at the end of March, and in messages to me it was claimed to be an unknown issue until the end of August which leads me to believe they knew about the issue but were telling me that it was my issue. I went over a month before anyone actually said that it was an issue that a few members had reported but in fact after speaking to 100+ people (some of which have had the game and the issues since release) I know different. I find it hard to believe that the issue was unknown until the end of August as some of the people I have spoken to complained months before I did about the same thing…

Unfortunately, all I can tell you at this point is that the team is working hard on it and as soon as there is something new to report, we’ll let everyone know! :smile:

Yep but unfortunately I can’t play the game how it is claimed I can play, I sent a long list of all the gear etc requested by 2K last week and I have yet to hear anything, the second I don’t reply I’m getting threats about my issue being marked as resolved if I don’t reply within 24 hours. But regardless its getting beyond now, I have spoken to people who work for gaming sites and have been told they cannot talk about the fact that Borderlands doesn’t work and they believe as do I that is is propaganda, trying to avoid bad publicity before the release of Battleborn…