Having issues with network settings

i was playing the pre-sequel and was trying to switch the network options to were i can see who playing on my friends list and it would not switch

On 360, I have my game set to “Friends only”, and their games always show up on the right side of the main game menu screen, below the player slots for my game. Not sure how it works on other platforms though.

I think you have quit playing the character to switch network settings.

I don’t think the pause screen will let you change the settings.

i was at the main menu

OK, had the same issue yesterday, and it turned out to be an XBL issue: I lost my connection to the servers even though my network/ISP was working just fine. The only network option I could choose at that point was the LAN one, and the spare slots below my own tag in the main menu all said “Waiting for player…” Once I was able to sign back in to the Live servers, the options went back to normal. So something similar might be happening in your case?