Having issues with trophies from my transfered save from ps4 to ps5

Hello i just transfered my save from ps4 to ps5 and just found that some trohies are loked from geting on ps5 the one are :
1- My Name Is Earl Buy 20 cosmetic items from Crazy Earl. Since i already have the customization the troph won´t pop up.
2- And get 10 types os cosmetics since the one above did not work this one too do not work.
Is there any work around it or any solution ? Thanks in advice and sorry the bad english.

The only way is delete your saves (do backup before) and buy them on fresh file. In coop you can do this in minutes, by joining last round of Slaughter Shaft, that 500 eridium should be enough to buy 20 items from Earl. Once you got the trophy restore your original save.

Thanks i will do that.