Having major borderlands 3 sound issues

Game was working fine until I got to Eden-6, now the sound has gone crazy. Certain music and effects keep randomly dropping out. Most dialog doesn’t play, so I have no idea what’s happening in the story, and when I reload, it’s skipped over dialog and mission steps. Did some searching and this seems to be a really common issue. Really? I paid $100 for this game and suddenly I get this far in and it becomes so buggy and completely unenjoyable to play. Sigh.


Hello kendrickturner. I have 40 hours of gameplay so far in borderlands 3 and I can say that eden-6 is the biggest for audio glitches. This includes gun shots, dialogue, music, and even a full soundless gameplay I have encountered. In the TVHM play-through the campaign seemed much less buggy. I’m not sure if this was just by luck or what, but in normal mode it was a disaster. Hopefully they will fix this in the upcoming patch.

Yeah im having the same absolute issue. I have it for both pc and ps4 and on ps4 when i got to eden 6, the audio just started glitching out at random time. Leaving me with muffled noises to absolutely no sound.

I’m sorry to say that I simply don’t have audio in my game at this point. Immediately after arriving on Eden 6 from anywhere audio stops all together, and doesn’t resume even on Sanctuary or any other game area until I exit to the title menu and re-enter the game. Doing so while on Eden 6 has no effect, and I’m left unable to hear the Calypsos, hammerlock, or anyone else, which might be bearable if the subtitles worked properly and didn’t skip over every other line

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Having the same issue, and the subtitles are absolutely shocking at providing any help

On PS4 in Eden 6… Sound is very glitchy. Can’t hear dialog or vehicle. March 7, 2020