Having problems with Cosmic Completionist

I have been going crazy trying to obtain this trophy I am convinced that the game is bugged or the trophy is glitched. I have followed the only real guide there is from steam I have looked for others but this seems like the only one. It seems to work for most people and lots of people have problems but then figure them out in the end. I simply can’t get it to pop I’ve went over the guide 4 times now and even started a new character to play through the game start to finish and nothing. I’ve double backed multiple times to locations that I thought may have been missed still nothing. I’ve even wrote down every location and went back two times on my new character. It’s very defeating when it’s the last trophy I need for 100%. I’ve read that people are having similar issues but the posts are from years ago. I’ve opened up a ticket in hopes that support can help. I think it has to do with the handsome collection digital copy but I’m not sure how or why. I’m tempted to hit a hard copy and see if it pops. If anyone has had this problem or similar problem and has found a solution please let me know. Thanks

Don’t know which guide you were looking at, but there’s a pretty complete one here:

See also the posts highlighting a couple of easy-to-miss locations. (Scroll down to the post by Sambaweb for the complete guide)

Thanks for reaching out. Yes this is the guide I followed when you scroll down… The only location that I can possible think would be “Hyperion Contingeny Armoury" after the fight with Zarpedon… I guess I’ll run though second play through and hope it pops when I go there. If you know anyone or if anyone has a save there let me know I’m on psn thanks again

I just watched a video I’m almost positive I’ve been to Hyperion Contingeny Armoury" also. I need the level 50 trophy still so will see when I get there

Have you been in secret area in Stanton’s Liver? Or secret area in Tycho’s Ribs? Also Dahl Training Facility may count.

Yes I searched both places stantons liver is actually the only secret location that counts toward the trophy the other place in tychos ribs doesn’t have a name when I enter it if your talking the about the super mario Easter egg.

I’m not to sure about Dhal training place it’s a DLC so I don’t see why it would count but I’ll check that I’m pretty sure I have but I’ll double check. Thanks

I went said location discovered heart dropped no trophy pop.:sweat:

Do you have the three trophies with listed maps?
How about Sub-Level 13 map?

Yes I have the three trophies for the specific locations. Even the sub level 13 location. I’ve contacted support and they aren’t helping much. Well as much as they can u should say.

I’ll check tomorrow what else you may have missed.

Ok great really appreciate it thanks.

I’m going to keep trying. Like I said though I’m at a loss here… can only visit these location so many times before my brain will explode😂

As you have the tree trophies, you should focus on the rest of the maps.
Have you done all side missions? Some may lead you to new areas like in Pity’s Fall and Regolith Range iirc.

In Crisis Scar there is a Vault Symbol on the little island at lavafall, I don’t think there is a separate location, but the symbol is missing in the map in above guide linked by VH101, maybe it will trigger the trophy.

I have done everything in non TVHM. I have not done the vault symbols though maybe that will work.

I’ll go check that now.

Side note a lot of people are saying that there cosmic Completionist trophy would pop in an area that technically would be for the beam me up trophy Eridianexplorer etc. Hence why I’m going back to revisit every location and not just the ones that are specified.

Yes no luck there sadly

I’m doing a run on TVHM and all of of the locations that I go to are already discovered. I’m going to screen shot the areas that you can’t go back to In the main story and then run through the guide again taking a screenshot of every location on my screen just I so I can prove that this is bugged.

Hopefully once I get to Zarpedon that’s the spot I’m missed but I’m convinced I’ve searched the that location pretty good.

So I’ve made it to the Eye of Helios on TVHM and I’ve already been to all three named locations inside. I just took screen shots so I don’t have to go back.

I really am at a loss here not sure what to do next my only solution that I think could possible work is screen shot my character at every named location and screen shot I don’t have the trophy then maybe just maybe it can be rectified. But I’ve never heard of anyone just giving a trophy for it being bugged.

I highly doubt that support will do anything with it atm.
Eye of Helios is part of Helios trophy, it’s more likely you have missed something outside of the three listed trophies.

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Yes I understand that.

I have been to all the named locations outside of the three location trophies. I followed this guide on steam and I assume the person listed all the locations on guide. I asked support if they could send me a list of all the named locations and they could only send me the main locations in the game witch is understandable. Like serenity waste regolith range etc. And I understand they can’t send me every specific named location but that will be the only way I can tell if this is bugged or not.

I highly doubt that people would have success with the guide and there be a missed location…

Then probably the best bet is to start a new character from scratch.

That’s what I did after I couldn’t obtain the trophy on my main character and when I got to the very end in the vault nothing popped. I even stopped during the main quest line to do the side quests that gain my character access to the named locations that aren’t available right away during the main story. Like the Re Remembered Cave, rabid Adams treasure trove, lab 19, weapon assembly and the sub level 13 aswell. If that guide is right I have done it on two characters my main twice and brand new on character after reinstalling the game and clearing my cache in the ps4. I even went back to double check in my new character. Now I’m just running through TVHM in hopes it pops but I’m at Tychos and so far nothing.

I really appreciate you trying to help by the way. Thank you.

Another thing I’ve been having troubles with this for about 3-4 days now when I posted wasn’t when I first came across this problem.
I was hoping that I would have already gotten this easily obtainable trophy by now but with what I’m going through I’m convinced it’s bugged out.

Someone said it has to be the handsome collection addition and I may already have the trophy registered it’s just not popping

People have experience getting the level 61 trophy in BL2 DLC and not having the level 50 one so it must be the game. I couldn’t understand If I was the only one having this issue but from reading it, it looks like it’s borderlands collection games in general.

My last bet would to buy the hard copy and convert it to my ps4 and run through the game again. That’s honestly all I can think of…

Other people with problems with the trophies.


So I went out this morning and bought a hard copy Borderlands Handsome Collection.

I wiped the digital version along with all my saved data and everything from my ps4.

I installed the disc version. Played through the game hitting every named location just to enter the vault at the end and nothing pop. I must be missing something or my account just doesn’t want to register the trophy.

I’m confident that I have been to every named location. I Have followed a guide that has given people the trophy multiple times now.

I’m not really sure what to do from here… do you know anyway I can get into contact with someone who may be able to help?

I’ve gone through a lot trying to obtain 100% completion and I just feel cheated at this point.
I understand if there nothing further you can do just thought I’d ask. Thanks