Having problems

im in need of some help im looking for the Norfleet from hyperious but i cant kill him on any difficulty.

i know the other way to get norfleet is easier to kill but harder to spawn.

is there a good way for a siren to solo hyperious at all? every video i see is just gunzerker cheesing him

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Every toon can solo every raid in several different ways. If you check the Maya subforum you’ll find posts that demonstrate it pretty clearly. I’m no expert on raids or any particular character, but @Slif_One is a Maya master and @nat_zero_six is a raid aficionado par excellence. If you look for their posts in that subforum, time trial, or gameplay videos, you’ll probably find some good tips and strategies that can help you make Hyperius very dead.

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Vermi is always still an option. I believe round 4(could be wrong) of the creature slaughter dome has a guaranteed UBA varkid. Bring in a second character/controller to boost that abysmal chance a bit and run that a few times, just make sure to quit before you actually complete the round.
The varkids on crawmerax headhunter also skip steps of evolution, and part of the quest there has them spawning infinitely.
Neither are great ways of doing it, but this was how I got “kawaii Killer” and “ninja rose” solo, both at the slaughter dome, so it is possible.

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I had a feeling I was wrong when I was typing it up, thanks for the correction

If you want to cheese, Maya can do it. Though it needs kill skill. Get a class mod with (I think) at least +5 on Kinetic Reflection. Kill a loader from outside the arena, then blast Hyperius while his shield is up.

If you want to farm Hyperius with that method… Either run up to him everytime, or kill one of his thicker bots normally. Both takes a while.

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I saw a video where someone got a Maliwan Fire Etech Launcher, a Slag weapon, and a COM with +6 Immolate. They walked up to Hyperious, slagged him, then shot the launcher at the floor. I haven’t tried it yet, as I haven’t picked up the appropriate launcher, so I’m not sure if it’s still valid, but I figured I’d throw it out there for someone to confirm or debunk.