Having serious fps drops (down to 45!) with only high/medium settings @1440p on a 2080!

I see people claiming that the game can hit a stable 60fps with ultra settings @ 1440p. (These may have been reviewers that played without denuvo, not sure). Am I missing something? Is there anything I can do to keep this from happening? I’ve never seen another game that I couldn’t run with the same settings and get 60fps+ stable. I have an rtx 2080, ryzen 2700x, and 16gbs of 3200. My fps bounces from 50 to 60, never stable at 60, for the most part. But I have dips into the 40s as well. It’s insane. I have way too many settings turned down already. I just don’t understand what could be wrong unless this game is just that poorly optimized. Any help would be appreciated, thank you.

Have you tried using DX12? I have the 2080 too and my framerates are vastly better after switching to DX12. You will have to contend with a looooong loading screen when you boot up the game but it is definitly worth it imo.

I just tried this last night actually. It did help quite a bit. I still have some stuttering but not nearly as bad.