Having some Shift Account trouble

hi, i need some help. I tried to change the preferences, so I could get stuff for my characters in Borderlands 3 but I have forgotten my password (been using my Xbox link to login in) and when I tried to get a confirmation email it says I verified it already even though I didn’t get a confirmation. when I go back to my account it asked me to verify it again.
I can’t delete or unlink my Xbox, steam google account.

You’ll need to contact GBX support directly if you’re not getting the verification emails. LINK Just double-check to make sure nothing got lost in a spam filter first.

I have tried to contact GBX support but all i have gotten was the auto responses.
I just want to fix my shift account but i cant beacuse it asks for a password i dont even have.
At this point im fine with it being deleted and starting all over, however it wouldnt let me do that until i give it the password.
It asks me to verify the email but soon as i click to verify it, it tells me its already verified, then

after getting back to the profile it asks me to verify the email sending around in a tiresome loop.

I don’t think “Verify email” means very much other than “confirm this is a valid email address” (and I’m not even sure how it does that).

If what you want is a password reset, you’ll need to sign out and then use the “forgot password” link just between the sign in info and button.

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