Having to be online for Bloody Harvest?!?

So, this was nice of Gearbox. I can understand that the anniversary stuff was online only, but Bloody Harvest? I have it downloaded, but I can only play it, apparently, when I’m online because it requires a hotfix to be active? That’s really stupid. Not everyone has reliable access to internet. I have to go to a buddy’s house to be able to download stuff to my PS4. So, the only way to play Bloody Harvest is to be online?!? One would think it would just be a patch, or simple DLC. Will I need to be online to play the other DLC? Will I need to be online to play the DLC that I paid for when I got the season pass? Absolutely stupid move Gearbox.

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You know the diffrence between EVENT and DLC, right?

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BH is an event.

Heck, you can be connected to the internet and the event still doesn’t load. Had that happen to me earlier and it was great. Usually on XBOne the pumpkins pop up far too fast for me to load into the game before the event loads, but today they just didn’t load at all… not after sitting at the main menu staring at the character select for several minutes, nor when I later exited to the main menu.

On the one hand, that was very convenient for me because this event has worn out its welcome; on the other hand, it’d be a major flaw if I was actually interested in participating.

Yep. And if it’s an event, shouldn’t be a reason for it to download to the system at all. Should only exist online, instead downloading to the system.

Did You though about people with weak internet connection? Load whole map everytime You want to play instead of downloading it once for good?
Guess not.

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It’s an event with unique characters and gear and a custom map. You can’t do those things via hotfix since they require code and extensive resources - that stuff has to be a permanent download. Hotfixes by nature are small and only change existing data in memory.

Gearbox have noted the multiple requests for an ability to somehow turn such events on and off without resorting to on-line/off-line and have stated they’ll take that into account in future events. Apparently it’s too late to add such a feature to the current event though.

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My internet was a couple days ago. I used my phone for a hotspot. You dont have to stay online. Once you see the pumpkins on the select screen you can disconect and still have event.

I don’t know how it is on other platform but on the PS4. It’s pretty much the “opt out” switch people keep asking for.
Been leveling up so I had no use for the terror annointed gear. Just had to be quick to start game and voilà.
I do understand it to be an issue thou.

Yeah sadly though that is an ‘opt-out’ for far more then just the event. :frowning:

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Yeah, I know.