Having Trouble Connecting With Fetch


No matter what range I use it at, I seem to have real trouble connecting with Fetch on enemy players since no one is dumb enough to stay still / in one place for very long.

Any tips?

Also, should I be activating Stealth Strike and pulling people INTO it or vice versa?

Thanks in advance!

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Learn to lead your target, ie, try to predict where they are going and aim there instead of aiming where they are at.



Noooooo it’s Shadowfire Pillar all over again!

(Hehe I have Orendi mastered, well 2 more Nullifys into SRF and I will!)

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I’m no S&A expert, but I don’t really see their skills as complimentary. Different tools, not necessarily synergistic.

Fetch is a pull/stun. Use it and follow with fisticuffs to the headspace.

Stealth Strike is an initiate/escape. Use it and follow with fisticuffs to the headspace or by running to avoid their fisticuffs to your headspace.

Of course, no rule says you can’t get position in Stealth and then fire off Fetch. As for me, I’d sneak up in Stealth, drop out with boom, fisticuffs to headspace, then when they run, Fetch and more fisticuffs to headspace.

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Agreed. They feel like two cool skills thrown together. There’s a reason she’s rarely played.

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Big hitbox, too.

I like S&A, I suppose. That boomerang might be the best of the off-hand ranged weapons on melee characters. Narrow category, but I feel like it’s better than Deande’s fans, Pendles’ shuriken and whatever the heck Rath does when you hit alt-fire.

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Rath’s is nothing great. Pendles is terrible without buffs. I still think Deandes is better for PVE, but that’s just because of easy crits. In every other area, she wins.

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Do you mean overall in comp. to S&A, or just in Fan toss vs. Boomerang?

I appreciate the natural fading action on Deande’s fan toss, it makes it super fun when you accurately gauge and lead a target to score that final hit, but I still think the boomer is better.

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Boomerang to fan. Shayne and Deande fill different roles, although I personally think Deande is stronger in PVP.


Had some REALLY strong games with S&A last night, when I took her from 1-9, like some of my highest kills / assists ever, but today, it seemed like either my team wouldn’t support me / give me opportunities to use my abilities or the enemy team just focused in on me right when they saw me.

EDIT: Or, I just suck. Lol.

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S&A are more like setters than spikers.

You can set your team up for kills using her great CC and disruption but she’s not the best at landing the killing blow herself.

I try to initiate without any skills wherever possible and save the fetch overshield for either when they start to disengage or you start to take too much damage. The overshield is great sustain and the pull prevents their escape (and is easier to hit when they’re turning and running).

You can also pop a quick stealth strike for the slow and shield regen mid fight to turn the tide in your favour.

If all else fails and they’re still getting away a few rangs should finish the job (esp if you have her lore legendary).



Great advice, thanks!

What does S&A’s lore legendary do?

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Shield recharge rate
Attack Speed
Melee hits add 20% bonus damage to next boomerang on that target.

So you hit them a bunch and when they start running you nuke em with a mega-rang.




A buddy of mine told me last night that if you take a Loadout that boosts your Attack speed and your Attack damage, as well as the augment that makes her boomerang bounce to multiple targets, that her range can get pretty damn nasty!

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Yeah you can build for boomerangs but she’s more effective up close.

I find buffing shields (+ shield and + regen rate) to make her tankier is better for melee engagements.

The bouncing boomerangs are ok for waveclear and tagging minions but the lvl 3 mutation is WAY better +18% melee damage with shields up.

I’ve been playing around with vibro core module to keep shields up for as long as possible in engagements for tankiness and damage and it’s pretty brutal.

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It’s the same for me and, sadly, it appears to be something with certain people. WF’s sticky grenades? Easy. Shadowfire pillar? Laughably simple. Ghalt’s hook? Elementary, my dear Dr. Watson! I can even land roughly half of my shots with Toby on a distant, strafing player; but i can’t use Fetch to save my life. This, and S&A’s lackluster damage output, is why i never use them, despite them being my third or fourth favorite character(s) (for thier personality).



Damage output seems ok to me!

Between those long, clobbering arms and nuking them with L1/Ultimate, I’ve bern racking up a fair amount of kills.

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Compared to what i put out with Orendi, Toby, WF, and Benedict, it’s not even close. However, seeing as i play them more like Pendles, damage isn’t that important. It’s my failure with Fetch that i can’t take.



I only have very limited experience with Ghalt, but fetch seems like an inferior Hook…

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I’ve always felt her skills fit her perfectly