Having Trouble Dealing With Miko

My friends and I seem to be the only ones trying to kill Miko’s in game, and it seems like it’s impossible. He either heals way too much way too quickly, or just zips around the battlefield at the speed of light healing everyone who eventually kills us for trying to go after him.

Not sure how to deal with this, I’m reluctant to say that the amount of healing he can put out is OP, but holy crap we can’t touch him.

Anyone have any tips? Or any thoughts about this?

Galilea, Vortex, and if possible, Shield stun. That’s how i usually deal with it in incursion. In meltdown, Phoebe Phasewalk should be able to slow him down and if you have “Preparation” You should be able to silence it, so it won’t be able to self heal, and finish it. As far as other characters go, can’t help ya. I mostly use Galilea or Shayne in Incursion and, Phoebe in Meltdown. Also, don’t go hungry for the kill, that’ll always get you killed, just wait for Him/Her to be distracted healing its Teammates, and go for the kill.

My thoughts? Oscar Mike is OP, atleast in my experience of using him.

How to deal with Miko (or anybody in general quickly):
~Heavy hitters
I played as Miko once before and was getting poked at pretty hard by a Marquis. Miko’s health regen skill is also not that great unless you upgrade it in the helix and have gear for additional healing received.

Melees crit too is my suggestion. Have a melee be aggressive and harass him if at all possible. The thing to remember is his head has a HUGE hit box. Abuse that. Crits are spooky. If you can’t kill him you can at least scare him. Great abusers of the head like Marquis, Whiskey, Oscar, and just about any melee can punish him for pushing up too far.

Er, how did Oscar Mike get into my post?

ambra kind of the same in that factor just pick someone with a built in stun and kill him on the spot he never been a problem for me can huel other fast but not himself.

Well, I mean, he has cloaking. That probably explains it.

Miko isn’t tough at all I kill him all the time. He is the first person I target because he can heal. The trick is getting a good angle on him because he is usually healing a Tank if he’s any good. Miko when he’s all alone, is SUPER squishy. He is only semi-hard to kill when he is healing someone else. A good tank will try to put himself between you and Miko. It can be tricky at times but by no means is Miko OP. If anyone is OP its Oscar Mike or Benedick that bird guys DPS is high and he can fly its insane. Oscar Mike is like a part tank who goes invisible and does high DPS. Oscar Mike is also OP for taking out sentinels with his Ultimate.