Having Trouble with Battleborn Closed Technical Test Keys. READ ME!

Having Trouble with Battleborn Closed Technical Test Keys or Forums? READ ME!

This thread aims to provide answers to common questions that you might come across concerning Battleborn’s upcoming Closed Technical Tests.

Q: I received an email that my code was ready, but the site is not displaying one!
A: Try clearing your cache and re-logging in to the rsvp.battleborn.com site. If that doesn’t work, try logging in on a new browser. If you’re still unable to access your code, cancel your registration on the RSVP site and re-register.

Q: I registered a long time ago and didn’t receive an email that my code was ready!
A: A few things may have happened here. You may not have completed the NDA or the CTT may not be available in your region. Log in to the RSVP site and check to see if a key is available. If it’s not, you may want to try re-registering and see if that helps. If none of these solutions work, you may not be eligible.

Q: I received a code for the Battleborn CTT, but it isn’t working or is for the wrong region.
A: The team is looking into a solution for this now. Please drop in a line to our support team at http://support.gearboxsoftware.com and they’ll help you out as soon as we’re able.

Q: I received a key for one platform, but would rather play on another!
A: You’ll want to log in to http://rsvp.battleborn.com, select “Cancel My Registration,” and re-register. When you re-register, select the platform you’d like.

If your question is not answered here, please contact our support team at http://support.gearboxsoftware.com.


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I’m having problems with the download on Xbox One. It keeps saying, “Failed installation, restart?”, or something to that effect. Is this normal?

Not normal I’m sure. Have you tried restarting your console?

I preloaded the game on steam but it still says that i can’t play because the content is still lockedand it’s hanging around in the download queue but not downloading anything … any ideas ?? I’m from Germany btw.

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The test can only be pre-loaded at this time. You and others will be able to access and play the test tomorrow.

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Tomorrow as in Midnight tonight?

I thought we are able to play at 3pm EST? which is now

the support doesn’t answer after one day, is it normal?

Email stated 1pm tomorrow

For some reason I thought it was the 29th today.

oh ok :smiley: i thought i read it would be playable from 28.10 1pm …

edit I’m dumb it’s was the 29th of course :blush: wish it was today though :wink:

To clarify for everyone:

Tomorrow (Thursday, Oct 29th) at 1pm ET (11am PT)

You guys are forgetting the first rule of CTT: don’t talk about CTT. :blrage:

I’ll see myself out now.


I have tried re-registering but it keeps on saying something went wrong

I have been hearing and seeing in the livestreams that characters will be locked at the start of the CTT. Is this true, and how will we be able to unlock the characters?

Not showing my “Key code” and already did all that. And now im stuck in the registration…can’t register again i keep getting an error on my phone and my pc😖

Game startup error in steam
I downloaded the game and tells you to start "Steam-Error An error occurred updating Battleborn Closed Technical Test(coneted still encrypted) See the Steam support site for more information
What could be the fault has not yet started a test or something goes wrong?