Having trouble with enemies stuck out of the map on Circle of Slaughters?

Try finding them by throwing grenades until you hear their audio for calling out the grenade, then use a gun with splash damage to finish them. Refer to this gif of me hitting an anointed zealot who teleported into this box with a Westergun.

This happened to me yesterday in Cistern of Slaughter. I could see the NPC’s red dot on the mini-map. It was located way too far off the map for me to reach no matter what weapon I tried. Eventually the red dot disappeared and I had to quit the game.

Very annoying, especially when it happens at the end of the last round.

I’ve heard BL2 had a lot of bugs, but I didn’t play that until after all the patches. The list of bugs in BL3 must be getting pretty long at this point. I hope they can clean it all up as well as they did for BL2.

They should add a kill/despawn timer for enemies who exit the accessible areas.

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OR… and hear me out… the devs fix the bugs! :smile: