Having Trouble with Katagawa Ball with Amara

Looking for some advice, i’m using Phasegrasp Amara, and while i’ve found a couple of things to be tricky up to this point, i’m struggling to stay alive during this fight. I’ve already finished the story with FL4K, who is now level 50, but i’m struggling with level 19 Amara. Any advice is welcome.

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Proper elemental damage and effective use of cover is all that’s needed, there’s a thread (upset casual gamer or something similar) where more in depth details/strategies can be found.

Oh! I ran this same thing. So. Forget grasp. There’s no point in having it on and it’s just gonna prove useless. Put on Cast. Just for this fight. Use shock element unless you’ve got Blight unlocked (I did not). I had infusion. Try to get a tediore or Jakobs shotgun. I had both. Infusion helps, but surely won’t be necessary. You should have a Hyperion Redistributor? That’ll be underlevel, but it’ll still be very good during shield phase.

But anyway, you wanna burst rush the nuke arms off in round one. Blasts from the shot gun are great. Don’t try to Chuck if you have a tediore. Fire like normal but let the reloads fly. Send Cast at him whenever it’s off cool down. If you miss, oh well, but it’s free damage, and when it hits, it’s a good shot.

Run for the chests if you get hit. I was lucky, I had a com with mindfulness to boost my shield recharge. But there’s a few health chests. One on the left ascending ramp. Another on the platform above it.

But yeah try to knock those nuke arms off ASAP. The missiles were my number one fear in stage one. Then. When you get to the shield phases, run. Get to safety. It’s more deadly up close. Now your casts will do REAL chunks if you can connect. Slide under pipes. Get a good idea of how to move fast. This is the fight where we really learn how to make the most of movement.

Of course, if you can vendor farm for a Torgue Blister in Corrosive, you can wreck the first round :joy:

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If you need a weapon, try farming the Westergun off of Private Beans (from the Invasion of Privacy quest Ava gives you). Its got a really high drop rate and can come w/ any element combo. Its easy to get, shouldnt have to kill him more than 2 times to get one to drop.

You’ll want a corrosive or cryo weapon for armor, and shock for the shields. Anything that can crit easily since its basically one giant crit spot floating around. With a decent weapon you should be able to kill this thing really quickly.

If you really have to, try to get the 9volt to drop from Killavolt. Its great for shields in general, also works great vs most bosses. Its harder to get than the Westergun, but it only comes in shock so you wont have to get multiple versions. It can easily last close to 10 lvls as your shock weapon (I had a lvl 20 version that I was using until I was around lvl 30, and it still destroyed most enemies)

Or just matchmake for a group online. Switch to Phasecast like the other person said, you dont even need to respec. Unless your using Infusion, it can actually lower your dmg if your not using the right element.

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Hide behind the containers and boxes in the main room and only attack when you’re sure he’s not attacking you. Also destroy the two missile pods ASAP.

He can still hit you with fireballs and similar attacks, but you can just run to hide into another container…

He gets easier after you take his armor down.

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Update, and thanks everyone for the suggestions. I couldn’t bring myself to leave the area I spawned back in this morning and I had less than ideal gear for this, I did however have a no element Tediore shotgun i’d been using so I used the reload throws to deal with the first phase, and then I had a slightly underleveled shock Hyena SMG that did the job for the shield phase.


I’m so stoked for you! :slight_smile:

Maybe my Nimbus class mod is making this possible but I found that if I take down its armor with corrosion weapons first, all I have to do is phasegrasp once with the default “Shockra” and the thing melts in seconds without needing to shoot it afterward. I have most of the skills in the FotE tree, Ties That Bind, and Allure for augments.