Hawk Pack FLAK - Grenade Rakk Attack Build For Mayhem 4 Including Maliwan Takedown

Ratore and I worked on this fun build past few days. Actually worked out much better than we thought. Build focuses on bringing the Hunter-Seeker grenades from utility to a huge main damage source in Mayhem 4. For those that are unfamiliar with Hunter-Seekers, they do gun damage and then end in a final splash. The gun damage portion is what we are ramping up. Ironically the grenades do not scale with gun damage. So after testing pretty much everything in the game, we have a showcase of a flak grenade build that clears through Mayhem 4 smoothly and a pool of great options for the build that work well. Some of these options, on paper, seem like they shouldn’t.

Can clear Maliwan Takedown very easily up to the double shield portion of Wotan where you’ll have to either Nukem from the outside or actually play the game a little bit more than just pressing 2 buttons. Let me know if you have any questions about anything

Edit: Hive is pretty nice in the set up. There are some pockets where it brings a huge burst of dps and it can be used on double wotan shield phase by just throwing in it. Looking forward to the scaled up takedown


OK. And here I was complaining that FL4K hasn’t had anything exciting in a while. :man_facepalming:

I didn’t know gun damage didn’t work with hunter seeker. I wanted to use it for LNT abuse before that got nerfed, but who would’ve thought it would work as a damage build for M4! Can I be salty that grenade FL4K and melee FL4K work far better for M4 than pet FL4K?

Also, for ultimate memes, how would this work if you mixed it with a messy breakup? Call FL4K The Air Force cuz we’ll have all the drones up in here lol.


You guys making me talk out my ass again. Grenades aren’t useless! Best two fl4k builders in the game community! If you ever decide to build gamma again ask me, i got a gamma stock pile of weapons on me


Hey man how’s going? Glad our machine still has a few more tricks lol. I was mia for a little bit and we starting fleshing out the idea. Started coming together super well.

Yea the hunter seeker gun damage thing is very weird. Tested it on FL4K and made sure to restart game a few times just in case i was getting some type of bug. Wasn’t getting an increase on Zane either. I think it’s fair to feel some type of way about our pet capabilities especially with being a beastmaster.

Air Force FL4K would have been a dope name for the set up as well. Messy Breakup is an interesting idea, I’ll have to double check what damage types end up applying to it. I haven’t messed around with it in a looong time. The Big Boom Blaster helps with the grenade spam a lot. Ends up giving us a nice dps increase.

@matthewbgeddes Yoo! Thanks for the kind words man, just trying to help out where we can. Hopefully we can all get some weeks of fun out of the build. I know I’ve been enjoying it. We’ve been messing around with gamma a little bit more in the back. There are a lot of options for it of course. Some just aren’t up on youtube yet for some reason or the other. Definitely will hit you up if we need something


You have anything planned for sniper FL4K? I was thinking about something with the Bangarok launcher and a Bushmaster/Headcase for Launcher sniping, but I haven’t found a halfway decent launcher to work with.

Definitely wouldn’t be an Ion cannon or lump, but it should work for M4 I think.

Vred is ok as a sniping launcher . Kept trying to make the mortar alt fire portion of it work but it just eats through all the ammo in the world. Even trying cutpurse rocket boots to offset it felt clunky. Maybe on Moze it could work smooth.

While I was working on Luck Norris the Lucky 7 build, Ratore worked on a sniper set up. Had to convince him to release some type of footage for it lol. https://youtu.be/EzbAEADUrF0 We’ll probably end up re-releasing it so it can get the traction it deserves. He didn’t want to re-release it when the takedown got scaled down because it would undermine the strength of the build a bit. Video is with 4 player scaling.


Missed that one. Thanks!

You guys are straight up amazing! Been following your guides for a while now, recreated the Gun Boy build and immediately recreated a budget version of this one right here. Works like a charm even w/o good rools and optimized gear!
The way you make up builds and the vid is great, too. Just some more descriptions here would be nice. Maybe just key facts or so …
Keep it up, guys!


Definitely appreciate it! Gunboy is still one of my favorites. Super versatile and top of the list when it comes to our fade away builds outside of the Luck Norris set up.

What descriptions or key facts do you feel are missing?

Hey! This one was very fun to make.

I did mess a bit with Messy Breakup but the drone wasn’t triggering anything and the damage was very much on the low side, sadly.

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You didn’t try making any gren4de builds the other day?
That idea had me stoked

I don’t have good grenades to do it. All I’ve got are a few hexes and a non anointed non cloning hunter seeker.

Are you PS4?
I usually prefer utility over power I’ve got plenty good ones to spare.

Not missing from your vid, that’s perfectly fine. I meant as a quick summary in written form so I can get an impression before firing up the video.

That’s a good idea. I’ll whip something up real quick. Thanks man

I’m on PC. Thnx for the offer though!

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How’s the new quick summary looking?

Yooo, exactly what I would look for, thanks man! This way I can read it and know it’s time to take a break at work and go watch your video. :wink: Thank you!
The build is hella fun btw! Surprisingly strong and an easy time playing the game!

Awesome! Glad you’re enjoying the build. It has some of the highest damage potential lol. Ratore hit 600k on an armored target during testing of the corrosive variation. Can just press 2 buttons and chill out 99 percent of the time. Looking forward to see how it does in scaled M4 takedown. Mobbing portion should be essentially the same situation. We have more than enough damage for it

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I love how we have a pure caster FL4K now. You like made a robotic gun wizard lol.