Hawkeye confusion

I’m currently not at my Xbox and I have quite a long shift today, so I doubt I’ll get to be experimenting with this skill at all today.
Anyway, I played Benedict for the first time yesterday, and I love the character… however I’m having a little difficulties fully understanding his Hawkeye ability. (keep in mind I only got to play him for a very short period of time yesterday)
If anyone could clarify a couple of things for me that would be great.
So this is how I am currently understanding the skill, please correct me if I am wrong.
1- activate hawkeye
2- fire this rocket by pressing your secondary ability button. (this rocket is sperate from your standard ammo pool)
3- this first rocket does not have any homing properties
4- if this rocket hits you have 3 seconds to fire rockets from your standard ammo pool that will home-in on the target that your hawkeye rocket hit.

So am I understanding this ability correct? Is there something im missing?
Also if you hit an enemy with the splash damage does that count as a hit, thus allowing your next 1-2 standard rockets to home in?
It just seems like the in-game description is a little lackluster, and there’s so much going on in-game that it can get a bit hectic which makes it difficult to pick up on all the traits of some abilities when you’re first learning them.

Your numbered description is correct

Then you can upgrade it to reload all ammo automatically and other nice perks


Thanks man, I appreciate all your help with my ridiculousness. First that ISIC bug thread (which was just his standard game mechanics), and now this Benedict thread.

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Hey man it’s no problem I’m glad to help out!

You should use this. Everything you want to know about Benedict.