Hawkeye higher velocity?

Since the rockets are a tad difficult do hit, it seems a bit wonky that the skill to help you hit your opponent is just as difficult to hit as the standard rockets.

On a side note: I’d also like some better AOE on the base rockets (since the velocity is a such a sad story).
That’s all I have, otherwise he’s pretty awesome!


The reason is because there is are skills and gear that increases the rocket velocity, AOE and damage to compensate for that.

That’s true. However, those skills come late in the helix, and Hawkeye is still set to a very short lock time, severely limiting his role as a “pusher”. The flight mechanic is amazing for damaging melee characters even though their speed often makes your limited ammo of low velocity rockets ineffective. If you use Hawkeye, you fall from flight, making it dangerous to use when you have the height advantage.

Like I said, not a bad character by any means but some finer tuning could really help him shine.

that still would not make the hawkeye faster than the main rocket

also the lock on should last longer by default

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