Hawkeye lock on issues

many times it does not last 4 secs (with helix upgrade)(please dont make me get video game footage to prove this)

and also about 30% of my supposed guided rockets will just fly straight if say the target is 20 feet in front of me and i aim 2-4 ft to the left or right of the person the rocket will just keep flying straight (please also dont make me get video footage of this also, it happens)

some footage i did mange to round up since any issues i post about benedict are all git gut till i show proof. love dev feedback about these issues

Hawkeye only track one guy (The last one you hit) so if the last one you hit is a Minion (Or the health supply, as in the second video) and it die, your shots won’t home-in any more, even if you have others under lock effect (The smaller circle)

Not sure if it should switch to another target after the first one dies or not. (If it should, then it’s a bug)

Also, going invisible break the Tracking.

thanks for pointing out that stuff, good theory if the other examples i showed were not like that and the fact i state they will fly right past lock ons.

as i say no one ever comments on just what i say, its only visual proof and even then it gets nit pick to go agasint what im trying to point out

and what are your sources for only one lock on aloud

how i’m bringing proof you should bring proof to for what you say

it says Enemies, plural so more than one can targeted


Not a theory. That’s how Hawkeye act.
Only one target, the last one locked, if it die, you don’t have homing rockets anymore, even if you still have other enemies locked.

Ok… So:

1st video: Reduced CC duration. Test in a bot match, don’t take your first skill, Hawkeye minions, shoot normally, you’ll shoot 3 (Benedict shoot one rocket per second, approximately) Next wave, do it with the upgrade, you’ll shoot 4.

2nd: You locked the Supply station, it got destroyed. Hawkeye is over.

3rd: You locked a Minion, it got killed. Hawkeye is over. (Which is also the reason you didn’t track for longer than the 4sec)

4Th: She both got invisible as you used Hawkeye on her, so it broke the tracking. You can even see your first rocket homing on her just before she go invisible on the first part.

They don’t, in any of your video.
The only time they do is:
-When the last lock die. (Even if you still have other lock-on)
-When your target is invisible.

That’s how Hawkeye act, even if i think it’s weird that it doesn’t change target once the “main” one die.

My sources? The game, and even your videos.

Which i already said: I agree it’s weird that it doesn’t change target, but it have always behaved like that.

I have had many times track a second item when first dies

the first part of the clip i locked on her and she did not go invisible

not from what i saw in your first post

this is what i saw

im saying in this post there are issues with the lock on mechanics and you’re saying it’s working as intended.

im saying its not. its says on the hero’s page it can lock onto more than one. im saying its bugged you are saying it tracks only one person

locking on some one is not a CC

CC have been from what i understand defined as slow, stun, blind. something that hinders some one.

and i have had lock ons only last 2 secs in times when i have with the helix boost. i have something like that record but im not in the mood to hunt it down

and to add to this are you going to say minions have CC reducers also???

here in my video software i timed the length it lasted on the minions

Never happened to me as far as i remember.

Watch your video again.
She did go invisible at exactly 0:07, you attacked her clone. You can even see her running away to the left with your track on her.

[quote=“bluehasia, post:7, topic:1457923, full:true”]
not from what i saw in your first post

this is what i saw[/quote]

Which is true. It only track one, the last one. The rest are “targets”, but you don’t track them.

I say it always did work like that. I don’t know if it’s intended.

Which i agree it’s weird. But it always did that.
And i don’t know if it’s a bug or not.

[quote=“bluehasia, post:8, topic:1457923, full:true”]locking on some one is not a CC

CC have been from what i understand defined as slow, stun, blind. something that hinders some one.[/quote]
For me, CC (In Battleborn) is anything that affect your character in a bad way and coming from an enemy.

Well, send a bug report to the support then?
Personally i never experienced that.

I already told you:
You killed the Minion in this video, so the lock stopped normally (For obvious reason: The target died)

the lock on symbols went away at a hair over 3 secs. not at 4 secs was the point of that showing there are times it doesn’t last a full 4 secs

Fill a bug report then.
I tested it in a bot match, and it worked fine for me. So either it’s on your side (For whatever reason), or it’s something else i don’t know about.

back from a two week vacation see game is almost dead and hawk eye still has it bugs

DEVs! please make a statement about this issue!

Under 4 secs

under 4 secs

under 4 secs

under 4 secs and no lock on