Hawkeye skill is hard to understand

Maybe this is just me but the Hawkeye skill is really hard to fully understand. I really like this character and I didn’t expect to but I find this skill hard to understand even after I have played with him for a few matches. By the way, I love the game.

Fires a rocket that deals 187 damage and targets your enemy for 3 seconds. Subsequent rockets home in on targeted enemies.

Could you please make it easier on future readers by including the description and tier of Hawkeye?

Sure I can do that now

Thanks. Okay.

So, the skill is basically an augmented rocket with a homing beacon attached to it.

Let’s use Montana as a target (he’s easy to hit).

I take out Hawkeye and aim it at Montana. It fires just like a normal rocket.
If I miss, then nothing.
If I hit, then Montana has the aforementioned homing beacon.

Now that this homing beacon is in place, I can aim with my regular shots and you’ll see a little yellow circle appear around your aiming reticle. If you fire a rocket with this yellow circle in place, the rocket will track Montana’s movement, even if he dodges out of the way (to an extent).

It’s not really that great and I would say it could be buffed if Benedict’s rockets didn’t hit like trucks.

I’ve noticed also, with Hawkeye, that when you activate it while flying Benedict falls to the ground. I don’t remember this happening in the CTT and I’m hoping it’s a glitch rather than an ‘improvement/balancing thing’. It’s difficult to hit enemies while you’re flying but using Hawkeye in the air meant guaranteed hits resulting in a really satisfying feeling of badassery! If you can’t use one of his skills in the air it kind of makes his whole flying thing kind of redundant.
Apart from that I love Benedict. He has a brilliant personality and I know many have complained about how hard it is to hit people with his rockets but that adds to his lasting appeal - you have to work at predicting where the enemy are running etc. He’s a great character to learn to master!

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It did.
Using any skills cancel your Glide, and as long as a skill is in use, you can’t Glide either.

Ahh yeah. Now that you mention it I do remember that. But I still think it shouldn’t make him fall. I understand that he can’t fly when trying to use his ultimate - you’d get so confused leaving him in one place while you guide a missile, then return to him on the other side of the map cause he was still gliding! But I do feel what’s the point of a flying character if half his skills prevent flight?
I hope Gearbox allow him to fly and use Hawkeye - it would raise his badass level to the sky! (Sorry, couldn’t resist the pun!):sweat_smile:

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