Hawkeye vs Morningstar....surprising results

OK…put me down for one surprised hombre.

I just spent two hours at the “range” testing the Hawkeye vs the Morningstar on Axton

Fire Venture Morninstar OP8
Fire BOA
Chaotic Evil Ranger + 54% Critical Damage, +35% Fire Rate, +6 Impact, +5 Ranger
Ranger Specced 10/5 Impact Specced 11/5, Battlefront 5/5
With Slag turret thrown so Battlefront is kicking in

10 seconds of continuous fire:

Highest Individual shot: 116007K…ramped steadily up from 92000K
Average Shot: 98000K
Shots fired within 10 Seconds including reload: 12
Burst 10 second DPS total (Best Case Scenario): approx 1200000K

Chikamin Hawkeye OP8
Heart of the Ancient with 39% Sniper Damage
Chaotic Evil Ranger + 54% Critical Damage, +35% Fire Rate, +6 Impact, +5 Ranger
Ranger Specced 10/5, Impact 11/5, Battlefront 5/5, Duty Calls 5/5
With Slag turret thrown so Battlefront is kicking in

10 seconds of continuous fire:

Highest Individual shot: 60006K…constant
Average Shot: 60006K
Shots fired within 10 Seconds including reload: 24
Burst 10 second DPS total (Best Case Scenario): approx 1440144k

While the Morningstar’s single shot was not quite double the Hawkeye…the Hawkeyes achieved fire rate easily DOUBLED the Morningstar.

And the Chickamin Hawkeye stayed literally glued to the head of the target with virtually no sway or recoil…very, VERY easy to get continuous repeat crits.

Bottom line is that in this setup, it was a superior sniper to my favorite (not counting the Pimp or Lyuda of course) …the Morningstar.
And since it is Nonelemental…it will work on anything!

Downside is that it consumes more ammo and is not quite as ammo efficient as the Morningstar
You’d be using a Sniper Damage relic vice a more valuable BOA
AND…you’d have to spec Duty Calls
Oh and yeah…you still have to fight that SOB Vorac to get one. LOL

But with a little practice at quick trigger pulling…You would absolutely devastate with it…as long as you can hit crits.

I need to rethink the Beckah…LOL


The Hawk Eye is a great sniper rifle as long as you can feed the thing with how much sniper rifle ammunition it uses compared to other Jakobs sniper rifles to accomplish the same thing, plus it really penalizes you if you do not score critical hits.

As for comparing it to the Bekah that may be a stretch with how powerful the Bekah is despite requiring you to gauge the sweet spot for it. The Bekah is not as severely handicapped with delivering non-critical hits like the Hawk Eye is and the Bekah also has a much larger ammunition pool as well.

Still really cool how you went about testing it and turning the Hawk Eye into a machine gun of sorts.


Hence why I called it a “mini-Lyuda” on Axton’s TG. :wink:

It would also preform even better with an allegiance relic with +mag and -recoil, if you have one. Especially with the Bee on.

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I tried a TumTum, Skookum and Chickamin

Thought the Chikamin far supperior because of how easily it stayed DEAD ON target regardless of how fast I was pulling the trigger. And the minor damage differential between something tlike the Skookum was easily offset because I has hitting crits so quickly!

I don’t have A Jacobs Allegience Relic but will be on the lookout for one to give it a try.

Surprising and fun.


Did your hawkeye have a dahl stock? It seems to me like Axton’s recoil skills would be enough to provide all the recoil reduction you need. I’d rather go for the damage, but that’s just me.

The Hawk Eye does not need the Jakobs relic for it to shine as it has really low recoil, in fact it may have the least amount of recoil among Jakobs sniper rifles. The last time I tried it with a Jakobs relic with accuracy recovery and recoil reduction I really did not notice much of a difference between having the relic equipped as opposed to not having it equipped.

Its more for the mag, as the Heart doesn’t really help with the Bee. And more recoil reduction helps for full on spam mode when I’m reaching that ~5 firerate.

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You could be onto something as the Chikamin I had, did have a Dahl stock.

It also had a Vladof Grip and Dahl sight which seemed a very nice FR combo. And the weapon had virtually NO recoil with Steady specced at 5/5. I was spamming all 10 rounds of the mag in seconds…with all crits…it literally stayed glued to the target. I could not even come close to that with the TumTum and the Skookum but they did NOT have Dahl Stocks.

So you are saying that a Dahl stock on say a Skookum might have a very similar effect.

Yikes…I honestly don’t think I’m up to farming Vorac again for a while…and to do it long enough to get the right parts…I can’t even imagine…LOL

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Now try it again… With the godfinger :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I actually have one…somewhere in a mule…

Am curious…will try to dig that out.

But isn’t the normal shooting range a BAD testing spot for it???

With it dependent on a range split.

I would be interested in some god finger testing but yeah the target dummy is a bad spot to test it since to get the Max damage you have to be pretty far away


You could always make a Sal to make farming Vorac easier. Its what I did, now I’ve got 6 or 7 hawkeyes lol.

I have toyed with the idea of a Sal…but he doesn’t seem like much of a challenge.

I think my next toon is a Gun/sniper Zero

Play krieg man you won’t regret it.

Who needs the challenge? If its just for farming raids, he just needs to wreck things, no challenge required.

It makes your life much easier when you can get any gear you want with relatively little time spent. It allows you to try out things you normally can’t. If you have some time to spare, just make a Sal, get him some deputy gear (or go pimp-creamer for Vorac) and farm u some gear.

You both make VERY good points…

Decisions, decisions…LOL

I mean don’t get me wrong I love sal for framing gear. But I’ll stop derailing this thread now

Random question, but did you include the longbow in your test? I’d imagine it would sit comfortably between the hawkeye and Morningstar, if not overshadow the both of them.

The longbow is very good. It isn’t boosted by grenade damage but its strong without it

Do any of Axton’s TG snipers get grenade boosts? I thought the pimp didn’t get them.