Hawkeye vs Morningstar....surprising results

No unless I’m missing one. The volcano do but most people don’t consider it top but I think there worthy of HM

Storm gets Grenade boosts as well…IIRC…but definitely not TG

I know it does but he asked about top snipers for Axton

I didn’t try a Longbow…

I personally don’t care for it because of it’s limitations:
Fire Only
No Scope
Slow Projo Speed
Curved ballistics
Harder to get Crits than other snipers

But I have friends who love it!!

I also think that many times there is a VAST difference between theoretical DPS and actual consistent achievable results in game

Longbow is a perfect example of this.

Another example is the Interfacer. Theorhetical DPS is tremendous IF you are engaging at one of the two “sweet spot” ranges (in your face at about 5 meters or less and at about 25 meters)…where all your pellets converge. Step outside those ranges and a Conference Call will do better. And try staying in that sweet spot in a running fight…very hard. Try to snip Terras Tentacles with an Interfacer…or fight Craw with an Interfacer…You have just handicapped yourself. Now try a Conference Call that is way more forgiving on engagement ranges. The difference is huge.


The Volcano does
The Sniders don’t, if they did there would literally be no reason to use the Volcano on anyone.

Fixed that my bad

When cool threads like this show up, it reminds me that I barely use any gear in this game and ought to branch out more! But honestly Bee Hawking and Rough Riding with Maya is so dang useable in almost everything in this game, its hard to give up using the same characters and gear! But I only have 9 levels til Sal is 72, so ill try for the Morningstar then! Thanks again for inspiring me! :slightly_smiling:

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I borrowed a Skookum Hawkeye with a Dahl stock and indeed…it did improve the reliability and make the Hawkeye less jumpy for crits…


The Chkamin was still superior…all 10 rounds stayed glued in almost the same exact spot as fast as I could spam the trigger.

In my mind I would still prefer it but if you have a quicker/steadier hand than I do…you might prefer a Skookum.

Did you ever do some more test on the morning stars hidden crit stacking thing?


goes up 3 to 4 times…maybe even 5

but caps out there and stacks decay quickly

doesn’t seem to matter if you miss a crit or not

I couldn’t get the exploit you guys are talking about to kick in.

I must be doing it wrong.

It’s a GREAT sniper…and VERY ammo efficient…and comes in all Elements

Yeah I agree its a good sniper. Not gonna have that debate again lol. I’m curious as to why u can’t get the glitch to work but oh well it matters not.

send me a pm if you would please…on how to invoke the glitch.

Chuck cannot get it to glitch either but we both agree we are just doing it wrong somehow.[quote=“Piemanlee, post:31, topic:1259983, full:true”]
Yeah I agree its a good sniper. Not gonna have that debate again lol. I’m curious as to why u can’t get the glitch to work but oh well it matters not.