Hay ps4 guy here being happy with battleborns

Hello, i bought battleborn not long ago because i liked borderlands series alot and even though i think mobas are the worst type of games ever created (atleast up till now being done completely wrong) i couldnt help myself buying this game after seeing a gameplay video on yt of it. :slight_smile:

So so far im just playing story, i dont have any interest in pvp and my fave chars are the mushroom guy and isic, cant stop playing isic hes just too much fun. Always liked playing tank characters anyway. Last match i did we had 2 leavers and i pretty much carried the whole session as isic lol, was really awesome feeling. Anyway im also active on another forum about this game so maybe youll recognice my writingstyle. This forum looks a bit chaotic so dunno if ill stay around here and since i beleive this forum is alot about competitive play… meh.

Just wanted to have my say that i think this game is absolutely great so far. :slight_smile:
Just wish there were more skins (maybe we can unlock skins?) instead of recolors. ^^



I like the game a lot myself, Im on PS4 as Avelier


Hey guys so i tried the pvp modes a bit and cant say i like it, i think its way too unclear what you need to do and all that happens is you get blown up repeatedly without any chance of ever lvling up high enough for your ult to unlock. Only time i was able to do so was when i played the char ive been maining in story for ages Isic (and probably because hes the tankiest character in the game so i could actually survive) …but still lost.

Right now im at a 6 loss streak and a bit flushed/done with this pointless crap.
Maybe i lack proper items… i do have some decent items but i think other players have much better items.

Also every match we have either 1 or 2 leavers lol, on our team only ofc.


Back to the much superior storymode wich is actually fun and fair and the only reason to buy this game imo.

Last match i did we had a leaver emediately and i was so tired of it i also left and started up gems of war cause for some reason i couldnt go into story mode :s

Oh btw @ devs of this game: Battleborn badly needs a 3 lane mode like other mobas have, i expected this game to already have it but instead got an explosion of chaos with everyone + minions + whatever the hell spawns in one corridor… nope…


Also a happy ps4 player here. Game is loads of fun! The pvp and the pve are both a blast to play. It’s beyond an exaggeration to say you never get your ult before it’s over. if that’s happening you’re doing something wrong. I’m awful and I still get my ult every time. Back on topic though… The game is terrific and I can’t wait for new modes/dlc’s/characters/maps etc…

Well sorry but im not exagerating, most matches i never get my ult, just get blown up everytime i get anywhere near the fighting.