HC Spotlight: Tempest

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Really thought we had this, random Orieni and myself as Pendles.
We were doing great but the Oriendi died too many times killing Rendain and the game ended them.
Almost 1 hour now so the other player hung in there and begged me to be careful, to finish it.
I have no idea what happened, the game won’t give you the Who-killed-me screen at this point, but, we failed.

Aww. I haven’t had much of a chance to play. Gonna squeeze as much chaos out of this week as I can. There’ll always be Sunday for Tempest

You don’t want to hear my stories. Groups of CR 2 - 10 (I’m 100) trying to do saboteur hardcore advanced. Groups giving zero though to team composition…likely because they haven’t done it on normal yet and have no idea what’s involved. I’m 0-7 so far today. Groups not reviving not understanding that there is only life per person.

I haven’t even had a group make it to the second defence node yet.


Me and two of my friends did saboteur all kleese and dominated the game. Rifts were scattered around the defense point so 90% of the enemies died before they could damage the core

…Always hilarious :smile:

Tempest is the mapset I have least been looking forward too. The groups I play with and myself are capable of doing them on Advanced Hardcore, but the randoms in public queue are not. I tried to queue twice in a row, but just noped out when I got a CR <10 both times.

Positive note:
Random person as Galilea and myself as Shane…We rocked it!

Well … as long as they allow players with such low command ranks that it is sure they never played Saboteur & Heliophage on normal difficulty, the hardcore spotlight is more pain than fun. I really like to see so many new players around on XB1, but it doesn’t make sense the matchmaking puts CR100 players together with CR2/4/6 and such.

There should be a minimum command rank for hc spotlight matchmaking.

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Can there be a title or something for this?


:smile: Just did the same with my Harley Toby. (Sabo)

5-man HC Adv Helio is just ridiculous. Glad to finally check off “do hardest mission on hardest difficulty”, but the mission seriously needs more rewards. Like, gear drops from each boss. For me and four friends to bust our butts for an hour and only get a blue and two greens is not a great feeling. Toby was great though. Capable of so much DPS.


Weeeelll, my story includes a whole day of attempting to do these, only to get roughly 10 minutes in each time before the entire team got booted out (disconnected).

I know it wasn’t just me, as the chat servers were still functioning after the game froze and we could continue to talk to each other till we all got kicked. Some little flashing and beeping “disconnect” icon kept displaying (never seen that before either).

Was not fun. Managed to successfully do one yesterday, though, although we died at the end of the Heliophage due to getting a really unfair and unlucky boss combination - Warlord Nix and The Conservator from Void’s Edge.

EDIT: It’s been a long time since I’ve done Advanced Heliophage - was unaware that the boss combination choices are static now, disregard my above comment (I still think that combo is a bit too OP though).

Sucks too cuz that was the last phase before Rendain (third boss duo), but it was two heavy hitters that also spawn LARGE groups of minions each, and those Thrall Brutes SHREDDED us immediately with their bullsh*t grenade attacks.

*They really need to rebalance those grenade’s damage, as they will ALWAYS two shot ANY character ffs and you have NO reaction time to get out of the blast radius, nor does the damage diminish at ALL for being on the outskirts of the blast zone (and it also doesn’t matter if you are in the air when it hits the ground below you, either…).

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The fact that anyone below level 10 is even allowed to play advanced hardcore is crazy


I also got slammed with those random server disconnects where you get the flashing icon in the top left corner. I have had it happen about 5 times now a cross different play modes, so it’s not PVE exclusive.

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I hadn’t seen them at all since Battleborn was released. Hell, I never even saw them once in either the CCT nor the Open Beta.

They were weirdly specific as well - match starts out fine, then randomly something like 10 minutes in the server shuts down our session.

The most bizarre thing was that it only affected the game server, not the server that handles the in-game chat client (as we were able to continue typing to each other until it booted us, long after the game froze).

I only saw it happening for the first time within the last week or two. It happened to me twice during the experiment at different times in the level and a few times during pvp.

I wasn’t in voice chat, so can’t speak to that, but I know it just destroys the entire game session because when you try to go back into whatever you were doing, it puts you back into the queue instead of being able to rejoin the game.

All that sweet experience that was lost :disappointed_relieved:

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Neither was I - was talking about the text chat (which I suppose only the PC version probably has).

Yeah, the number of disconnects/boots/server issues in the last two weeks or so (X1) have increased dramatically for some reason.