HC TPS Install : What Installs?

I set Up my new One. Inserted the disc(Handsome Collection). It says it has to Install 30+ Gb of game. I thought it was installing the game to the HDD. During install it said that the game was ready to play. So I played to see how my Cloud Save from my 360S went. It went fine.

After everything installed I removed the disc as I thought that I could play from the HDD. But it said to Insert Disc.

  1. What Installed from the Disc?

  2. Was it the Game, the DLC, Or both?

  3. If it was DLC, did it really add up to 30+gb from Bl-2 & TPS?

  4. Do I have to use the Disc to play everytime?

A long time ago, the Xbox One would have worked this way. When the internet reacted negatively to having to be on the internet, Microsoft changed the infrastructure of the Xbox One.

Now, all games require an installation, but like with the Xbox 360, the disc still needs to be in the console for you to play the game. It’s an anti-piracy measure, so multiple people don’t install the game from a single disc.

To be clear, technically EVERYTHING was installed. Games and DLC for both games are there. 23.3GB is BL2, 13.8GB is TPS.

+2 Omega,

That’s kinda what I thought.