HC XBOX ONE looking for players

GT: BigBenson
Since matchmaking appears broken add me if you would like to play. Just picked up the game. Carried over LVL 45 and started a new guy.

Got you moved to the X1 section. Happy looting!

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I’m down to start over if your down

Same here, I’ve been looking for people to do an lv 1 to lv 72 play through with

My gT is Grante75, if you two want you can invite me to a party, I have a mic

What’s your gamertag?

I started over last night I have a level 13 so catching up wont be hard. I’m really just looking for a few guys to get on my friends list to casually jump into and maybe handle some bosses when the time comes. I usually only get on at night.

GT: BigBenson

Martyr awaits add me

anybody want to play through uvhm with me on xbox one gt oPiinkie

Added you guys.