HD Texture Pack Installed but Not Downloading PS4

I’ve downloaded the Ultra HD Texture pack twice and in the game main menu, in the Downloadable Content section it lists the Ultra HD pack as “purchased” but “not downloaded.” I have a PS4 PRO and a UHD 4K TV.

I’ve seen a few people say once the DLC is installed you’ll have the option to turn UHD on or off in the settings but that option doesn’t appear either. Just wondering if I’m being aloof as usual or if anyone else is having the same problem?


Sounds like something isn’t registering properly. Have you tried the usual full power reset of your console to clear any stale cached data?

I definitely hadn’t tried that until you mentioned it, so thank you. But, after a restart, it still gives me the same thing.

Does anyone know if there actually is an option to adjust in the settings after it’s been downloaded? The few games I have that do support the Pro Enhanced stuff and UHD all have that setting to toggle but that option disappears if the PS is plugged into any but the first HDMI on the TV.

Yeah, I’ve been having this same issue. I’ve tried redownloading the texture pack several times, completely turning everything off and on, made sure everything is updated, etx.

I sent in a help ticket to gearbox the other day. They said they would respond in 24-48 hours. It’s been like 72, so I dont know.

I dont know if there is just a bug with the texture pack for ps4 pro users or what.

That’s the normal response time, but the past week has been highly abnormal (just judging by the number of posts here.) BTW did you get the PS4 update at the tail end of last week/weekend for the multiplayer fix?

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Ah okay, that would make sense, considering everything that’s been going on in the community. Also, I believe i did update the system Friday or Saturday, but I’ll check again later to see if it’s something I missed.

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I still haven’t been able to find anything helpful about this. It’s like we’re the only two people who got it on PS Pro. I can find stuff for Pc and Xbox One, that’s it.

I will say, if you check in the information section of the game, when you press the “options” button on the main PS4 screen, you can see that it says it’s installed there. But I guess I’m more looking for someone to just confirm that there isn’t something in the game settings that lets you toggle HDR on or off.

The game looks really good, so I’m pretty sure it’s working but I’m crazy and I want to know for certain.

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The “Downloadable Content” menu has always been a bit wonky in the Handsome Collection version of the game. Largely (I suspect) because the HC version includes everything by default so there isn’t really an DLC (but the menu still shows up…)

Is anyone have this issue with the Game. I have the Ultra HD Texture Package downloaded and installed on my system. I launch the Game and go into Borderlands 2, select extra content and it says. I have purchased the Ultra HD package but not downloaded it. I have uninstalled the game, reinstalled the game multiple times. I have restored my license on the system multiple times, Deactivated my system, restarted it and then reactivated it and still the game will not recognize I have the Ultra HD package downloaded. And yes, I have a PS4 Pro

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Maybe dumb question, but did you launch the game? You should be able to see the difference in graphics and start with that.

I have. I have uninstalled it, played with out the Ultra HD Package installed and then installed it and I really did not notice a difference

Anyone else look in the Borderlands 2 Extra Content to see if it says the same thing for you guys?

You appear to not be the only person with this problem. Hang on, going to merge threads…

As you can see from the OP, at least one other PS4 Pro user has the same issue. I assume you’ve also tried a console reset to clear cached data after attempting the game reinstall?

All I can suggest is that you file a support ticket for the issue.

Yea, i have deleted the game off my system twice, installed the Texture Package from the PSN Store then check launched the game and checked the Extra Content section and still said the same thing. Deleted the game again, reinstalled it, then launched the game and downloaded the Texture package from the Extra Content section in game still shows as purchased but not downloaded. I have emailed them about the issue. Everything they have told me to do i have already done. I have even played the game 1st then downloaded the Texture package to see if I could see the a difference and I can not see a difference in the game. I have the the PS4 Pro White Edition, literally bought the Console the day it was released, but I dont think it my Console

I’m having the same issue with the texture pack also.

So still nothing on any of this stuff? No one ever heard back from any of the trouble tickets?

At this point, I am fine with someone who has the Texture Pack installed on a Pro confirming that it says it is installed on it. I just want to know if there is a toggle in the settings after it’s installed. Just, like, anything.

I’m having same issue, read through everything on here looking to see if there was and answer ,but have also done all the trouble shooting and still shows not downloaded … has there been any answers yet ?

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If you filed a support ticket already, you could reply to the last email you have on that ticket number and ask if there are any updates on the situation.

If you haven’t filed a support ticket, may I request that you do so? The more information the team have on issues with the textures, the more likely it is that they will be able to identify causes and find a permanent fix.

The other thought is that you could canvas the members of the Gearbox PS4 community to see if any other PS4 Pro users are having the same issue, or whether it’s working for them.

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Same Problem

Still same issue on ps4pro