HD Update Not Registering on PS4 Pro

This seems to be an ongoing issue with some people but I wanted to provide both an update for those who contacted support and hopefully a response from a developer or someone who is in the know on this issue. I did contact support and they told me that the developers have been given the reports from numerous people that the 4K UHD Update on PS4 Pro is not applying/registering for THC. However, I have not seen any acknowledgment about this issue anywhere else and I would love to at least hear that it’s being worked on(all my email said was that the devs were “aware”).

For a recap of the issue, it’s basically this - even though the UHD Update is installed on the PS4 Pro system the option to turn it on does not show up in game, nor does it automatically apply in game. In other words - no UHD 4K for THC on my PS4 Pro. I have already reinstalled both THC and the Update twice, it did not help.

I would love a response on this issue because I purchased THC with the understanding that I would be able to play it in 4K. I am new to the series and wanted to experience it for the first time in this way. I understand that the game is incredible regardless, but I would love to see this issue fixed regardless to make it that much better. Thanks for reading and have a great day.

Same issue. Game is installed, PS store says UHD texture pack is installed, but in the downloadable content menu in game it shows that the texture pack isn’t installed. PS4 pro here too.

I had the same exact issues with the HD texture pack on my PS4 Pro and just gave up on ever seeing this awesome visual upgrade. But this past weekend when I started a Borderlands 2 session I finally saw the HDR pop up on my TV. I have a Roku 4K Smart TV and it ALWAYS shows the HDR emblem (upper right of screen) whenever it’s displaying a 4K signal. But it never did until 6/22. The visuals now are quite stunning. The colors are deeper and more enhanced. Gorgeous.

Curious - did you notice an update go through, or was this after installing the 5th DLC?

Honestly I don’t remember any update or anything. All I remember doing is downloading the HD texture pack about a month ago and not noticing any visual change at all until I played again this past weekend.

So there was an update that went with the free 5th DLC. If you didn’t grab the latter already you might want to do so - it’s a heck of a lot of fun, and it’s free until the 8th of July.