He is kinda fun, I just want a few things

I think his melee with the axe is what it should be, hard hitting and slow, however his unarmed melee feels like its hard to hit with, anyone else thinking the same?

I feel they are fine, I think it’s more that the axe would possibly hit a wider range across the screen? Because from what I have seen, punching characters are more direct, while ones that wield weapons hit everything in the swipe zone

Agreed. I think it’s intended that if you plan unarmed brawling with him alot that you take the helix that slows enemies on unarmed hit.

I feel like he is superior in unarmed brawling compared to axe brawling. The permanent movespeed he gets without his axe just makes it way easier to make sure you’re on your target and that coupled with the slow I see no reason to use his axe.

Higher damage, especially if you take the left side helix augment on the last rung. You get a roughly 50% increase (more if you have max health gear) added in damage to the axe (which already is pretty damaging).

If you have trouble keeping on people in melee then definitely go the axe route then unarmed.

I played the technical test and in that Boldur’s shield kept breaking with ease I see that they gave it more defense which is good but the minute I put the shield down I lose all my health so quickly and I attack so slow just trying to take out a mere robot AI almost cost me my life which makes it hard to lvl him up and stay on pat with teammates/enemies

I’d rather slow and cc with boldur than do higher damage, seeing as he seems to fill the tanky support role.

He still needs to be able to deal with minions fast enough not to lose half his health every time you go in the fray. Underleveling in the early-midgame is a thing, it’s hard to confirm kills on anything really, I think his base melee hits should hit a bit harder to make up for his lack of consistent AoE.

Lack of consistent aoe before level 5 you mean. Personally I think he is perfectly balanced as is and I don’t have the same problem with minions. For his first helix do you choose the axe return or overshield on dash?

His H2H ranged got nerfed since CTT but with well reason as he gets a speed boost. It feels they tried to make the H2H melee combo as a last ditch effort of damage, when an Axe throw doesn’t kill, other than that an escape tactic by riding your Axe and retreating.

I think his range is fine as long as he has can keep the speed boost.