He4d Hunter Fl4k Guide

My FL4K isn’t at all tanky or survival focused. Very squishy! But, if you have enough skill to consistently get critical shots it offers some very powerful gameplay. Because of the focus on damage at the cost of survivability, cover and other similar tactics need to be implemented wisely. I admit this is not the best build in the world, but you do feel like a sniper! And it’s a whole lot of fun.

If you’d prefer playing a more tanky and survivable FL4K, that is better for newer players, please check out my Gamma build! And of course, if you have any ideas or thoughts that I didn’t include let me know and we can talk about them.


This is a Stalker+Hunter focused build.

Action Skill
Fade Away- For those insane crits.

Unblinking Eye
Not My Circus- This is a little more stable, and can help you survive when you’re not invisible.
Until You ARe Dead- My personal choice, this offers movement speed and health regen. I think it’s more fun.
Guerilla’s In The Mist used to be amazing, and most crit focused builds include it. But after it was nerfed, honestly it just doesn’t hold up. The other ability augments are just more useful.

Gunslinger Jabber- His buff offers more crit damage and highest dps.
Spiderant Scortcher- She gives more health regen and bonus elemental damage.
To maximise the build, Gunslinger Jabber is generally more useful unless the current Mayhem modifer is something like -crit or -kinetic damage. However, it’s really up to preference. I personally always go for Jabber.


Sniper Rifles
Monacle- Base damage is aweful, but crit is +500%. In the right hands this is absolutely insane. This weapon can overkill a regular enemy, so if you have the guardian perk that lets you transfer overkill damage to the next shot, you can stack it up to deal more than 50k damage in a single shot.
Headsplosion- This will make an aoe explosion when you get a headshot. This is a great aoe weapon for when you’re dealing with a lot of smaller enemies and don’t need the Monacle’s insane crits for a big enemy.
The Ice Queen- A cryo weapon that will launch two cryo rockets with every crit. Against jetpack enemies, or anytime you are fighting armored or fast enemies you need to slow down, this weapon is very useful. When the Mayhem condition has -kinetic damage this weapon is also useful.
Lyuda- That is the most powerful sniper rifle at the moment, but it’s fully automatic. So it’s not really good for this build, but the reason we include it is because since it’s so powerful we need it when we miss a crit or against enemies that we can’t get a meaningful crit on. It’s also good for melting down an enemy in Fight For Your Life.

King’s Call and Queen’s Call- They are really great element pistols. On crits they ricochet 3 bullets to the nearest enemy, including the original target. So they’re great burst dealers. I use them when I specifically have to use a certain element, or when the Mayhem condidition reduces sniper damage or increase elemental damage.
Unforgiven- It’s basically a pistol version of Monicle, and can be used when I can’t use a sniper rifle or an elemental pistol because of the Mayhem condition.

Other Weapons
One Pump Chump- This gun has insane base damage and with an annointed option built in it can become even stronger. The Overkill perk it can destroy enemies. Based on preference, it can be used for close range.
Cutsman- When the enemy has armor that is too thick, or they are lacking a weakeness, a good element weapon is important. Cutsman fills that role perfectly. Lyuda is also an option in this situation, but Cutsman is more reliable at getting elemental effects to prock.
Flakker- A shotgun that does AOE. The weakeness of crit FL4K is that he’s not great at dealing with situations where he’s surrounded. Flakker gives him a way to effectively deal with that situation, though. It’s also another good option for Fight For Your Life.

Transformer or Stop Gap, annointed. They both enhance survivability of FL4K.

Class Mod
Deadeye- This enhances one shot burst damage of sniper rifles.

Hex with one of the following prefixes. Cloning, MIRV, MIRV-Tacular, Mitosis, or Recurring. Some people love spamming this grenade, but for crit FL4K we use it for crowd control.

Any relic is fine as long as it has the Snowdrift prefix. I personally recommend Otto Idol. Snowdrift adds a ton of mobility to FL4K, which is is otherwise fairly lacking in.

-Throw Hex when your action skill is on cooldown.
-You can save your pet while you’re invisible. But, especially when you’re solo and the game will pause with your menu open, just switching pets will instantly revive them.
-Take Advantage of invisibilty to find god locations not just for crits, but for cover once you’re ability wears off. Positioning is really important.
-Use guns that have elements that work against your current target. This makes a huge difference.
-This is the most important tip of all. Choose a great skin and head for your FL4K! Just because you’re invisible doesn’t mean you can’t look good, too.
-Don’t be afraid to retreat for a moment to recharge shield and find health, or get a better location for sniping.
-Jakob’s guns make it incredibly easier to play solo. They ricochet critical shots, taking out more than one enemy at once.
-Don’t headshot goliaths, which will heal them to full health and enrage them.
-This build has some health regen and movement speed buffs, so use that additional speed wisely. You can take advantage of it to get away and restore your health and shields very quickly.
-Melee causes an enemy to stumble for a second, allowing you time to do what you need. Reload, retreat, or get off that perfect headshot.

This is a video showing me soloing Slaughter Shaft. I left the Mayhem condition completely random. I’m not the best player in the world- of course not! But you can get the basic idea and feel for the build by watching. The reason it says “Spend Skill Points” is because I was trying out some different builds and had extras, but I am using exactly what I have in this guide for the build. I also didn’t use the pet swap tactic to revive my pet, because I understand not everybody can do that. (btw I swithed english voice to korean voice because I normally play korean one with english voice)

Honestly, these days people are super focused on stable builds. Gamma Burst, or Stalker+Master builds. To me, though, they were boring! With those builds, what I do is just shooting guns the way any other characters can. I feel like those builds, while viable and advantagous, sacrifice their uniqueness. It felt like, while FL4K isn’t even good enough to strive in end game content, people tried to make them work as well as Amara or Moze. I just felt as though the reason I’m playing as FL4K is because I love them, and I want to play them for who they are. With those builds it’s more like I’m disgracing them, and should just play somebody else. I wanted to use FL4K in FL4K’s style. This isn’t the most effective or efficient build at all, but somebody wants to live in the old days and feel like they’re doing some Mordecai or Zer0 stuff, this is the build for them. It’s challenging, but very rewarding and fun.

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Looks like a cool build!

Is Leave No Trace really worth it with a 2 second cool down? Especially if you’re not using Guerillas in the Mist. You should have time to reload all your guns while repositioning in that 15 second window.

If you are speccing into Head Count and Eager to Impress going with Megavore instead of The Power Inside cab reduces your cooldowns extremely fast and give you much more time in Fade Away.

Megavore combined with Lucian’s Call or Rowan’s Call will give you two bullets back in your magazine and two ricochets every fifth shot. Not including any manual critical hits.

Is Leave No Trace really worth it with a 2 second cool down? Especially if you’re not using Guerillas in the Mist. You should have time to reload all your guns while repositioning in that 15 second window.

You can of course go for Second Intention instead of Leave No Trace.
I just had to spend two points on something to get Two F4ng. XD

If you are speccing into Head Count and Eager to Impress going with Megavore instead of The Power Inside cab reduces your cooldowns extremely fast and give you much more time in Fade Away.

Since this build uses sniper rifle and fade away without guerillas in the mist, the damage on each shots are very important. To deal the right amount of damage, You will need to stack up Overkill perk which is on guardian rank skills. Megavore gives me 20% chance that I can get crit without going for headshot, but I can’t just rely on 20% chance while I can lose the overkill stack.

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That makes sense. This is a very cool build, I haven’t seen many sniper Fl4k builds.

Working a class around the Monocle and Overkill guardian perk is genius. Great gameplay by the way.

Slaugher star TVHM Meyhem 3 Solo

Looks fun, I will try the build. Does it work for bosses too, or do you respec for that?

For boss run, I use the Guerillas in the mist and the unblinking eye. On boss fight, You can’t stack up over kill since you’re fighting against one single enemy. so you should use lyuda with the Guerillas in the mist. also, I recommand the Bounty hunter for class mode.

Do we need to be careful with anything for charnging up overkill? Like, not missing a shot at certain times or saving a big shot for when an enemy is almost dead, or anything? Or we just kill normally and it happens

I believe the build mainly works around the Crit Bonus on the Monocle which is 500% but hitting a critical deals an additional critical making it 2500%.

Any extra damage is carried over to your next shot, miss or not. The extra damage will snowball if you keep consistently critting.

If yoy over kill thr enemy, the extra damage will be transfered to the next shot. so If you miss a shot, you will lose the stack. but no worries! just perform overkill again. Headshot with monocle or headsplosion is generally strong enough to overkill a normal enemy that is not badass, boss, named.

since when can you get 4 modifiers on a relic

I got it from another player but I think it’s an edited item. but this build/loadout works fine without the edited relic.

I was gonna say you mustve got some ungodly rolls on your items, didnt know there were modded items in the game already.

Thank you for the build! Looks like a lot of fun will check it out! But you also have some godly items for it!

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I tried this build yesterday and it did not work for me.
This is what I did:

  • Exactly same 4 weapons as in the OP video, including modifiers
  • Different shield, which should affect damage
  • Same classmod, but maybe modifiers werent as good since I just had 2 options
  • Different grenade, dont have hex
  • Same skillpoint distribution

Well, my problem was, I used the skill, shoot with monocle in the head… and targets were far from dead. So no kill and no damage carryover.

Maybe it’s bc of the content, I didnt do the arena, but tried to farm red jabber and troopers with it on mh3 (yes I know mh3 doest help with this farm but its more fun). So, if this build is only good if I have a ton of regular mobs I can use to charge damage with overkill before I kill any badass or anointed, I dont think it’s very practical.

Here’s a video of me farming Atlas trooper
I didn’t equip a class mod nor even a relic.
Even in my slaughter star/shaft video, I didn’t one hit kill everything.
I sometimes missed a shot, sometimes had to switch to my sidearms.
Also I should use a cover wisley.
but I still can get sweet guranteed crits, and still can kill the enemy.
If anyone can easily one hit kill anything whenever they want, I would call it a cheat rather than a build.

Did you just record that for me or you had it already?
Thanks anyway, Ill need to wait until after work to watch the video.

I know oneshotting everything would be crazy, but… I dont know, it still has to compete with other playstyles. Like I said, I havent watched your video yet, but I couldnt see the gameplay I had with this build even compete with just unloading weapons on them with GitM, or even using gama for the +20% almost permanent damage from Empathic Rage.

Maybe it’s not even the build, but the slow firing snipers. I love the gameplay, that’s why I wanted the build to work for me, but I dont think the damage is worth it compared to almost all other options where you just unload a weapon on them, be it a fast authomatic, a masher pistol or a shotgun. Or Lyuda ofc, but even beeing a sniper that weapon plays like an AR.

BTW, could you make the build work killing the badasses around red jabber on MH3? That place was even worse than troopers when I tried the build.

Or maybe Im focusing too much on the monocle part, and you just use it for specific targets and just flak the hell out of other places instead of trying to snipe everything like I did :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, Ill check your video when I can and see if I can adjust something to make it work for me.

I just recorded the video as soon as I saw your reply. XD
For boss run or for named monster specifically, You can use GitM and Unblinking eye for the augements and use cryo lucian’s call or lyuda. Replcaing DE4DEYE to Bounty hunter would help too.
This build isn’t the best build in the game. Sadly, Amara is insanely broken, Zane and Moze are quite stable. Fl4k itself is arleady not the best option. but I just wanted Fl4k to be a sniper, tried to find a way to use them as a sniper.

Well I have a Zane too, and while I love his utility, and he can kill everything, his damage output is far from what I can reach with Fl4k

Wow, this guy got a class mod which would be awesome for your build