Head cosmetics from halloween event not showing

I play on ps4 and the new head cosmetics from the event are not showing i dont know if this is a bug but i really want the tv head and i dont want to miss getting it. please fix this gearbox.


I’ve found the same, playing with two others on PS4 and they both have two new head skins. I’ve got nothing.


Same here. Nothing for me or a friend of mine, both on PS4.

Same, picked up two heads so far. Used them while they were in my inventory but nothing new at the quick change.

Sadly I was just told this:

The heads “Skull and Domes” and “Tuned and Doomed” are a part of the DLC Cosmetic Packs “Neon Pack” and “Retro Pack.” They are not a part of the Bloody Harvest event.


Thanks. I was wondering about that, too.

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ah ok thank you.

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Same here used K9W3T-BJZ59-B9SHB-6B3JT-T9CFF - Says redeemed no heads in Cosmetic Machine?

Does this mean there will be more heads released for these packs with each event? Should we expect more since they did it for this event, seems weird there was no mention of the heads being related to the lack they just popped up.