Head Customisation?

We have already had a few talks on Skins for characters and so far i have only witnessed some palette swap skins, was really wondering if i missed any information on possible head customisation like in Borderlands.

Would be nice to be able to make my character that little bit more personal?

or are we talking full skin customisations where the character will look completely different but you will still be able to tell who it is?

I’ve only seen color swaps so far, however they did say you can unlock new taunts for each character by leveling them up (possibly other ways as well)

so you wont be stuck licking your sword on Rath, unless you really like the tast of blood

This was hidden away in the Galilea video. she got horny…uhh… i mean she got some horns on her helmet. Its a small change but this wouldn’t affect the hitbox.


wasn’t toby’s master skin a helmet, it sorta looked like a Prussian helmet I think, it was neat, ANYWAYS, there’s possibly more than color swaps, I think they mentioned “master” skins that you get for achieving a certain level on a battleborn, possibly just helmets? I dunno dood

“Murica!” Skin for Benedict (Which is actually, a bit more than a colour swap)

Chicken taunt

But haven’t seen any head customisation specifically.