Head drops in takedown

Who drops the newest heads,Valkyries ,Wotan,mobs,and or what mayham mode? Ive seen youtubers with them but no one has explained how to get them that i have seen.

What youtubers? They were distributed to some community members with Oct 24th patch.
I didn’t saw any confirmation that they can drop in Takedown.

Those particular heads were given to the Gearbox Stream Team, they are not available to the public yet.

Or are just bugged like many other customizations. They are in Maliwan theme, were added to the game like 1,5 month ago. Keeping them as not-dropable now when Takedown is available doesn’t make sense.

Maybe waiting for the Take Down solo event?

Yyy but why? I can’t see any reason behind this.

So everyone has a shot to get it (except maybe steam players). If they didn’t you’d see a lot of people posting “WHY ARE HEADS ONLY AVAILABLE TO 1% OF PLAYERS NOT ME?!?!?!”

But it always work like that. In previous games you had cosmetics hidden behind hard content like Vermivorous. You even have this kind of stuff in BL3 with M4 only legendaries, and Maliwan skin from Takedown.
And even if it would be a case why wait till a week window when Takedown will scale to single player? If you can’t unlock it now you can wait for a nerf, but other players will take their chances now.

Like I said, they probably want the most minimal backlash.

I was just wondering, since u unlock the skins for completing the take down,that u would have to farm the heads. That they would aready be obtainable,didnt know that there still locked off