Head/Skin Drops need a change!

I find it extremely annoying/frustrating when my most common head/skin drops are for the baroness, A CHARATCTER I DON’T/WON’T HAVE DOWNLOADED. On top of that when farming a boss in the game for heads/skins instead of getting them for my one and only character I play as right now I get them for other characters even after already being unlocked. I would just love it if they prioritized skin/head drops with ones already unlocked to have a much much slimmer chance of showing up so we can actually get the ones we need without having to go through the process of getting ones already unlocked 20 times until we get the one we need.

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That being said if anyone would happen to have the skin for Jack that drops off of Boomer (buzz buzz skin)? I have a Baroness and Fr4g-t4p skin from Boomer willing to trade since I don’t need them.

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Agreed - I hope they make some updates on the next game so that heads/skins aren’t so damn difficult to obtain. I could see making you work for a couple really special heads but character skins shouldn’t be much harder to obtain than vehicle ones IMO. And I would happily trade skins with you except I’ve yet to get a single good drop of anything from Boomer!

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We can only hope, and good luck with Boomer! I have easily over 10 baby boomer grenade mods from him now…yaayy… Only seen the kerboom once off of him way back during my first play through, least fravorite gun from bl2 and holds its place in tps lol so was useless to me. I only kill him for his skins yet they are just soooo hard to come by. Especially since he flies all around and loot in this game tends to enjoy flying across the world xD

On that note, anyone else have that issue with enemies just flining loot in all which ways?? Also why does it take longer to loot the enemies then it does to kill them… That’s just beyond silly to me lol

I’d like to see a shop system for skins/heads.

You collect tokens from dead enemies, go to the ‘fashion outlet’ and go shopping. The shop could even have racks and whatnot, similar to GTA.

Since these are cosmetic items, a system like this would hurt no-one. If you don’t care about skins/heads, just ignore the tokens. If you are a fasionista, grind away!


That is an awesome idea! If they ever did anything like it though I feel we would be looking at just another grinder but for player skins/heads. For instance you could grind vehicle skins and with moonstones or whatever it would be to ensure a skin you don’t already have. Same with player skin that way when you do run into ones you already have at least they can still go to use. Heads I don’t think she be included in this since there are so few compared to skins and keeping them as rear finds is fine by me. But they can easily put out a hotfix and add tons and tons of new skins for us to get.

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I think it does prioritize drops for characters in the game, just that it doesn’t make them exclusively those. I am sure it does this for class mods; not positive for cosmetic items.

Pretty sure It doesn’t for either in tps but It did in bl2 so why they changed that is beyond me.

I would prefer thisover what we have now since I don’t like character customisation in the first place.