Headhunter 3 Mercenary Day level scaling question

I am currently in TVHM. I did this DLC when I was L43 and the mobs stayed at L43 even though I am L48 now.

My question is: if I do this DLC again in UVHM and let’s say I finished it at L60, will the mods stay forever at L60? How does the scaling work particularly for this DLC?


Don’t worry, everything will level up with you in UVHM.

this, they will continually match your level or be just above in some cases in UVHM.

Sorry I just want to make it perfectly clear.

If I killed the snowman boss first time at uvhm L60 and go back again later at uvhm L65, will the snowman boss be at L60 or L65?

He will be at your level or rather two levels higher I think in UVHM every time. Loot will be at your level or at worst two levels below.

Just to clarify- the random loot may be up to 2 levels lower but the loot on the train will always be at your level in UVHM. In TVHM the loot is locked at whatever level you first do the HH pack at, even though Tinder Snowflake will level up with you, so in TVHM it’s best to wait untill level 50…

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Woo, reviving a seriously dead thread, but I was worried about this too. Just hit UVHM on the PC about half an hour ago, and was gonna grab a Grog then do MD. Happy to hear I don’t have to worry about it. Couldn’t remember whether that was the case or not :joy: