Headhunter 3 mercenary day too low level! (Might not be right place to post sorry)

So i am a lvl 50 mechromancer and just bought the headhunter 3 mercenary day dlc cause i wanted to farm some legendarys before ultimate vault hunter. But when i got there to marcuses mercenary shop i noticed that everything was lvl 35 and it was on tvh cause i went straight after defeating terrmorphious with a friend and terramorphious was lvl 50. Does anyone know why this happend? Help me pls

Have you completed the main story?

yes i have.

Have you completed the Mercenary day DLC?

Well i got into the dlc and all the enemys where lvl 35 and the loot the quests that weapons in the shops

Something about the ■■■■■■ update then. This new update broke MANY tings that were just fine, I said it and I’ll say it again this new update was unneeded, and all it did is ruin the experience for me and some people I know.
Anyway, try completing every mission.

Any chance you fast traveled into marcus’ shop before finishing the story in tvhm?
Are all vanilla enemies (non-dlc) leveled to 50?

This is an old issue, it has nothing to do with the update.

Oh ok, never had it tho.

I bought it after finishing the story when i was lvl 50

I completed every mission in the dlc

Are they lvl50 now?


I remember seeing people complaining about this from time to time on the forums though I never experienced it myself, any chance your character has the playthrough 2.0 glitch (where enemies/missions won’t scale to lvl50 after defeating the warrior at the end of tvhm)?

That’s a thing?

This sucks now its harder to farm legendarys

Used to before uvhm came and “fixed” it by enforcing scaling to the highest leveled char in the game, I don’t remember ever reading about it being fixed on tvhm though.

If you’re lvl 50 why not start UVHM? Should fix the issue.

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Cause i want some good stuff before i go to UVHM

You can travel to and farm the mercenary day dlc before starting the story just use the fast travel in clappy’s place

ik but i wont farm it at the start.
I want to use the one in tvhm to get legendarys for my uvhm playthrough and i will use the mercinary dlc when i become higher level.