Headhunter DLC Not scaling to level after beating 2nd Playthrough?

Not really sure if this the exact right place for this kind of complaint, but I couldn’t think of anywhere better.

I started playing again after a while and had just beaten the second playthrough when everything is supposed to adjust to level 50 or so (or your level?) which seemed to work just fine, but I noticed that the Head Hunter dlc doesn’t scale like everything else, even the main DLC does, so I’m confused as to why they don’t? :thinking:
I’m playing on the third now and yes of course it scales correctly, so I’m just confused as to why it didn’t
at the end of the second like everything else did, did they just forget to tell it to or just not bother?


Is this your first time to the starting location in TVHM for the headhunter pack(s) with that particular save/character, or had you played through the story before? Visiting the starting location in either NVHM or TVHM will lock the level, even if you travel back out straight away. Not sure if, once the main quest is completed, the boss then scales to max level for farming, but you could try that. The scaling may require a save-quit-restart after completing the final story mission to take effect.

The other work around - since you are already level 50 - would be to do the Headhunter in UVHM, where it should always scale to your current level when you travel there. A lot of folks use the Marcus Mercenary Day one in this way as a means of farming gear while levelling up in UVHM.


I’m doing it in UVHM now, but yes I had already visited the location before completing the story mission, however my confusion was from the fact that other places and creatures including the main DLC packs scale yet the headhunter packs don’t appear to do so. Saving and exiting did not scale it, I’m assuming by this point it’s just stuck at that lower level forever. I’m higher level now so it’s better in UVHM regardless, but it would have been nice to be able to grind it out on a technically easier mode before moving over.

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I think that’s just the way it is - looking at the many threads on different sites, the post-warrior scaling does not seem to affect the Headhunter DLCs. Not sure it that’s on every platform, on some only, or just an intermittent bug.


yes, this is the fix. just finish the mission you left open and it will then scale to your level. :wink:


That makes sense - just as accepted missions in main game don’t scale after the warrior (only unaccepted ones). Thanks Kurt!


Welcome. I recently experienced this with leveling my Sal to OP8. I started the Pirate DLC at level 72 to get my ROM to start going through the peak. at about OP3 or so, I wanted some sandhawks and was afraid it be locked at 72. just finishing the mission I had left open had it scale to my current level.


I played through with a fresh Axton recently and had the same problem. I hadn’t touched any of the headhunter dlc. But I went to the Marcus level and saw the quest was level 45 or so. I’ll try completing the quest there and see what happens.

edit: I tried it. Didn’t help. Mercenary headhunter missions and enemies and drops seem stuck at level 44. Kind of a bummer. I was attempting to play this particular character in 2nd play through only (wasn’t planning on entering ultimate VH mode with this character).