Headhunter Packs (Items)

I realised that I have only actually finished all of these once before, I know about Loot Train farming, are any of the others worth farming for anything?

I remember the Wattle Gobbler being kind of crap, but I think I enjoyed the others (from what I remember), but are they farmable for anything? I’m not overly bothered about skins and heads, but if I can get Legendaries/Pearls then i’d enjoy some new places to farm.

The loot train is the single handiest pack but Son of Craw is a very fun fight - one of the best raids IMO, and potential for good gear after. Hallowed Hollow is a great place to farm tubby spiderants - many of my COMs came from there.


Oh I didn’t know that about Hallowed Hollow, that could prove very useful. I’m just listening to Grandma Flexington babble on, then i’ll move on to that then. Actually I have never even been to Wam Bam Island, I forgot that even existed!

I think you can farm pyrophobia fron the cryptkeeper guy on halowed hollow.
Its not a fast farm , although he can drop leg mods aswell.

Son of sparky on the wambam island is also good for thunderball fists.

Hallowed hollow is the hands down best place to farm tubby spider ants. It is the only place I have gotten bekas and carnages. Unfortunately none were op8.

Tubby spots are what I’ve been itching for, gets boring running the usual places. I’ll definitely get to HH later. Thanks.

Iirc the Wattle Gobbler has a lot of red chests.

The head hunters are surprisingly good for loot.

HH - Tubby Spiderants + Clark
Mercenary Day - Loot Train
Torgue - Red Chests after Wattle Gobbler
Wam Bam - After Raid Craw there are lots of chests, Flint Jr, chance to spawn OOO at the start
Moxxi - Thresher chest can drop legendaries

Is it just me or are these skeletons in HH superspeed??

Not only these, there are like two or three more. It is also a fun map, I like the Hunger Games theme personally.

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Don’t forget the treasure varkids in the Wam Bam Island pack- the final chest (of 3) can drop legendary gear as well…


and during the first mission, varkids spawn continuously until injected. Great for XP farming along with levelling them up.

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Apparently I’m missing something about HH. I would agree that it is a place one could farm tubby spiderants, but I wouldn’t call it a good place to do so, let alone “great” or “the best” (the latter is clearly the Dust, anyway).

The only spiderants I remember are in the section labeled “The Colony” on the loot map. That requires fighting through about half the map to get to, and while there were a decent number of spiderants it wasn’t anything special… Seems like roughly a wash with Frostburn if you just do the Hellfire-Neogenator farm route there (since Sully drops those two, that seems like the fairest comparison).

Are there more spiderants in HH that I’ve either forgotten or somehow didn’t run into when I’ve run it before?

Re: the original question, not really. I enjoy the Happy Couple fight, but sadly there’s no special drop there.

You can just sprint past the skeletons and honestly it seems like you’re guaranteed a tubby. I’ve had consistently good results - more so than the Dust,etc.

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I will take my 20 runs a hour in hollowed hollow over 3 or 4 runs in the dust anyday. If you are still looking for legendaries do the dust, but if you are only looking for pearls or cons the hollow is far better. You also have to spend zero dollars for ammo between the blue candies and the garbage drops from tubbys. The chest on the run is one of the best in game.

Ive been doing dust runs for tubbys lately without much success.
Ill have to give the HH a go.
Whats the best route to do?

Just wanted to say one thing, this Hallowed Hollow tubby run is amazing. I’ve done 5 runs and had a tubby each time.

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No, if I recall right just that one area, I have gotten 2 tubbies from that HH pack (Only 2 from day it came out), but then as I said in another post RNG does not favor me at all in some areas of the game.
I’ve heard it’s a Good run, so like the “Loot Train”, I’ll run them over and over, hoping RNG will someday deem that I’m worthy and start favoring me in those spots.

Start from where the arrow is and do the loop:

Incidentally, the red lines are the locations of the possessed TVs for spawning Clarke