Headhunter packs won't level properly

When I bought Headhunter Packs roughly week ago, I first played them with lvl 40 Axton on single player and they were lvl 35 like they were supposed to. But now I played Bloody Harvest with lvl 40 Maya on public and both missions were lvl 15, the lowest possible. I even went to Wattle Gobbler to see if it would be any higher but it wasn’t. Anyone know what’s this about and if I can prevent it happening again?

Did you accidentally load your character in Normal mode, not True?

Had you entered and left the HH map at a lower level on that play-through? If you fast travel to the map entry at any time, the level will be set at that point even if you immediately fast travel back out again without doing anything towards the mission.

Other than that, I got nothin’

Nah, I entered the first time today. But thanks anyway.

Hey what do you mean by this? I played at normal mode and meant to do exactly that.

It just seemed odd to me that you’d do the HH packs on normal with a level 40 character. I was wondering if you’d meant to tackle it on TVHM, but were in NVHM (which would give you a different level for the pack). It’s an easy enough thing to do, especially if you hit “Continue” without confirming which playthrough you were on last.

Well like I said I bought them last week. Had already reached lvl 40 at TTAoDK.