Headhunters Returning?

Borderlands 3 has been a roller coaster so far. From good to bad to downright ugly. After DLC 4 releases we are in the dark as to if they are going to continue supporting the game. As they have mentioned previously they don’t plan on adding any new characters or adding any new weapon rarities. So that leaves us with the most likely outcome for future paid content which is headhunters. (that’s if they even decide to continue support after how much backlash they have received throughout the lifecycle of this game) As much as I like to be optimistic and think they will continue supporting this game for years to come I think I need to lower my standards for what we will see in the future in terms of content. Nonetheless, if they do decide to add headhunter packs what themes would you like to see? I would personally like a headhunter pack involving Athena as we are yet to see her in the game

I am uncertain why Headhunters is the “most likely” outcome. Free events like the Revenge of the Cartels and the Bloody Harvest have filled in for Headhunters-style content. It might also make sense to do a second Season Pass with more full-sized DLC.

There is a new generation of consoles coming (Xbox One Series X and PlayStation 5) so they might also be working on a Borderlands 3 “Game of the Year” port to those platforms as well as Borderlands 4.

im sure they can earn more by making a bl2 dlc than selling bl3 in the current state


I should have said I feel as if headhunters are the most likely to return in terms of paid content post 2020. I still do believe they will do limited time events as you have stated. I just don’t see them adding anymore large story dlc but I guess it just depends on how large the player base is come September and beyond.