Heads and Skins didn't transfer

So on top of losing my badass rank, all my unlocked heads and skins didn’t come over either.

The ones I have equipped show up, but they aren’t in the list so I assume if I switch I won’t be able to come back to them.

Game has been out for an hour and all I’ve done is discover things I lost in the transfer. :anguished:


Same. My heads didn’t transfer. So I’m SOL until a patch.

Same thing here. I can transfer characters just fine, but no BAR or skins will transfer. Now I don’t really care about the BAR, but some of the skins are a pain to get and I really want those!

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The issue I’m guessing has something to do with Xbox 360 Profile information not transferring correctly. BAR and player heads/skins and vehicle skins are all information that was stored directly into your Xbox 360 profile, so any and all of that would be lost.

The Knowledgebase was updated today stating a fix is in testing and will roll out as soon as it’s approved, and will simply involve redownloading one of your old gen characters onto Xbox One. This will restore your previous BAR and missing heads/skins.