Heads and skins for free!

I have a stash of heads and skins on BL2 if anyone is looking for them. Just message me. Thatguysh4rk

Do you have any community day skins and heads? I’d be willing to trade for them

No unfortunately not. Those are the only ones I need also. Sorry

Aghh no worries, so hard to find them :frowning:

Do you have Maya’s “Metal Fear” head, and Gaige’s “Metal Blood” head?

When I first used them all they maxed out the number for each character so I’m assuming yes. I can guarantee I have the metal fear head. Anything else you need to sort through. I also have all skins besides 4 to 6 for each character

I’m not sure again. I can drop everything and you can check if you want

Its fine mate, ill keep searching :+1:

Both me and my girlfriend are missing a few skins. I’m hoping that you may have them. I got tons of Op 8 gear. Is there anything that you’re interested in that I could give you in return for your heads and skins?

Do you have the frozen wraith skin for maya

Honestly I don’t need any compensation for them. I’m not totally sure which ones I have. When I used them they maxed out every head bit still left 4-6 skins not unlocked on each character. I would just join you drop them and leave

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