Heads and skins give away

I have a full back pack and bank full of skins and heads that I have collected I now have 100% complete heads and skins so getting rid of them all now, anyone wanting them are welcome to them, they are mostly orange, purple and blues I’d prefer to just give them away in one go rather than individualy. Psn is rockshox just send a message with topic thanks

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Does this include all the community day skins and heads? If so you are one lucky vault hunter :smiley:

Do u have the Maya Community day head+skin?

Nooooooooooo Haha I would be too lucky I don’t think these are actually tradable I may be wrong. I have them but unfortunately they went straight to the quick change system. It would be nice to have them and give them to everyone wanting them as they are a pain to get @Sun_Tsunami knows too well.
Just emptying my bank an back. Probably save someone a lot of time an effort looking for them

Hey, I was just curious if you had any heads/skin’s left?

Which ones do you need

The main head/skin I am looking for is mayas kawaii killer and ninja rose
but some others I am as well would be axtons shadaloo stylish and space
knight. Salvadors boat murderer and the mechromancers difitized death,
lovely corpse, or xxx

I have them I’ll be on tomorrow uk time from around 3 pm just psn me

For some reason it’s not letting me add you try adding me psn EVIL-Bear95