Heads giveaway. Looking for a few level 70 items or help completing some co-op challenges

i have the following heads stashed in my bank, but need the space, thus wanna give/trade em away today:

Dull Boy - Doppelganger
Hit the Road - Doppelganger
WR4P-TP - Fragtrap
Austere Adorments - Baroness

i am looking for the following Level 70 items:

  • Rerouter shield (immunity only)
  • Hyperion Company Man shotgun, elemental
  • Proletarian Revolution, preferably shock or fire.

if you happen to have any of these items, or just need one of these heads, let me know here!
you could help me completing some coop challenges for the Level1 - achievement (make a trade, win a duel, revive a coop partner) instead!!

i am on xbox live now and the next 8 hours!!


I was so hopeful in getting the Guardian Plastic Head but I’m on PC lol, goodluck though

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yah, well this is the 360 subforum, so yeah…sorry man!

I was checking the New Topics haha should’ve noticed that prior to replying, my bad

its all cool!


if anyone needs a few of those heads, let me know here!

bump again! nobody needs heads or wants to help me with those 3 co-op challenges? (make a trade, revive a co-op partner, win a duel) ??

on xbox live now and the next few hours!!


bump again.

i might open a new thread, so i can ask for the help with the co-op challenges. who needs heads anyways :stuck_out_tongue:

last bump, otherwise i have to throw those heads away, need the space.

I can always help ya with the challenges ^^ just send me a friend request on xbl and whenever I see ya online I can hop in and knock that stuff out with ya. GT MakaLaka

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