Heads, skins and BAR disappeared FIXED

I recently got Handsome collection for xbox one and was playing through the DLCs that I hadn’t finished. I just beat Motor Momma from the Torgue dlc and logged off for a bit. When I came back, the game prompted to start as a lv1 commando. I didn’t think much of it. Then when I started the game my FOV was set to 70 (vomit noise) and all of my heads, skins and 35’000 Badass Rank had completely disappeared. Im really pissed about this and was wondering if anybody could help. Thanks

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Have you tried reloading your profile data from the live cloud? I believe the Xbone saves it automatically to the cloud w/ your live acct.

Im not sure what you mean by reloading my profile data from the cloud

All of what you are missing is attached to your profile data ( not your character save data )
All of those should be being backed up to the cloud automatically if you are on Xbone AND have a Live account. ( they call it syncing , which means the data should be stored in two places, the local hdd and once synced, into your xbox live account storage)

(I’m on PS3 and I have the “option” to upload to the cloud because I have a Plus account. Same concept, different console. I also backup all my important/fav info to USB as well)

You should be able to access these savesm, character & profile from some portion of your menu.

This happened to me on the latest hotfix. I put in a trouble ticket, or the technical section of this forum. I have yet to get a response. My BAR was at 927K. thats a lot of time with now, “nothing to show for it”. the BAR isn’t that big of a deal to me. its all the heads/skins I spent years farming. all gone! I feel your pain. I haven’t gone back to BL2 since this happened. I have been chillin on Elpis. LOL

lol same

I ended up re-downloading my cloud save and got my BAR back. So it works. :smile:

did u get your heads back?

The ones I had already unlocked before I got my xbone. None of the ones I had unlocked recently. I did save quite a few skins/heads on a mule I have. I just loaded that mule up to re-unlock those heads/skins. The skin I am wearing for Sal I got from Vermi. I didn’t save that skin so I probably won’t take it off. since I can’t put it back on. LOL

It worked!! thanks a lot man!!! :grinning: !!!

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Sweet dude! That’s awesome. Glad it worked out for you.