Heads/Skins for trade

I have heads and skins, looking to trade. Here’s what I have for trade:

Unfriendly Skies - Nisha
Admirable Admiral - Wilhelm
Cyber Scientist - Wilhelm
A Dull Boy - Jack
Hit the Road - Jack

For Dinner Parties - Aurelia

Looking for Nisha skins:
Widow Scarlet, Furnace Red, Emerald Cut, Horizons, Clear Water, Blue Opal, You’ve Been Warned, Eye Catching Orange, High Falutin’, Cyan Night, Dusty Road, Pale Rider, Spirit by Maliwan

Let me know!

Updated: more heads and skins for trade!

Nisha: Hothead, Unfriendly Skies
Athena: Fortified
Jack: A Dull Boy, Hit the Road
Wilhelm: Cyber Scientist, Admirable Admiral
Aurelia: Ghost Vision

Skins (from Corporal Bob):
Athena: Scarlet Splash
Claptrap: Scarlet Text
Aurelia: For Dinner Parties

Looking for Athena or Nisha skins. Reply here!