Headset only works with "Push to talk"

I’ve got a strange problem that I’ve verified on two different headsets. The issue is that audio out to them was working fine until just after BL3 starts (maybe a second after the main menu appears), at which point the audio fully cuts out on the headphones. I discoverd that changing the mic mode in audio options to “Push to talk” “fixes” it, but obviously that’s not a viable long term solution. Moreover, when I press “T”, the game pauses for perhaps half a second which is intolerable.

I tried this with “Headset” disabled as a playback device, and with no other applications running on my PC that were using audio (as verified in the Windows audio mixer)

I haven’t noticed this in any other game.

Have you happen to come across a solution to this? I’m seeing the same exact issue with a Bluetooth headset. Audio works until the logo “smash” then silence unless I turn on HTT.

The solution was to use a non-Bluetooth headset. The reason might be explained here, not sure; https://www.howtogeek.com/354321/why-bluetooth-headsets-are-terrible-on-windows-pcs/