Headshot Hitboxes on Battleborn

before we start speaking about the weird invisible walls - collision fixing, there should be a fix for the weird headshot hitboxes that sometimes occur.
i think i’ll let the video speak by itself https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y2Xo-qKtGcM
p.s that’s on PVE, but you can be sure it happens on PVP pretty often

Not just Headshots! This is an excellent demonstration of this problem, even at point blank bullets sometimes do absolutely nothing.

This looks more like a heavy lag to me.
However I know for sure that beastmaster’s head hitbox is higher than their head when they’re summoning.

  1. this is not a beastmaster
  2. beastmaster’s headshot is at their neck, not their head
  3. it’s solo story, you can’t lag while playing solo O.o
  1. I wasn’t talking about that particular case, I was just stating that I believed their weakspot was higher than their head
  2. Well if you’re right then I learnt something, which is weird because I crit while aiming higher than their head when they’re summoning
  3. You can, you’re still playing on a server, not on local. Therefore you can still lag.

But even when I have full green bars this happens. (I just realized there isn’t an actual Ping meter in the game? Uh-oh…) Something should be done to improve this.

I have feel like I have many problems with hit detection in this game, but not as awful as in this video.
Very often I feel like hitting and I see no damage at all

And yeah we don’t have a ping number… Maybe because ping number isn’t understandable to casual gamers ? I don’t know. Doesn’t seem better with a green bar.

Just because a ping number might not be understandable to casual players doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be in the game.(Though I don’t know how hard of a concept it would be to grasp that low numbers=better)

It was just a supposition.
However I don’t see any problem when playing marquis…
As I said, the video looks like heavy lag to me.

Yeah I understood this :slight_smile: Just think that it would be a very odd reason

The only I can see to explain “why don’t we get the exact ping number”.
The only other explanation I see is to allow them to lie on our actual ping. (just like valve on their TF2 servers…)

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guys i already know how it feels like when playing on a lagging server, EU playing on NA for example.
this is NOT a lag. even when lagging, as marquis you can still aim at the enemies and make a contact with your shots, even while moving. they’ll just come up in a small delay
this is NOT the same issue here!
if it was a lag, i wouldn’t be able to hit the smaller minions in between the big dude, or hitting his chest, or even buying the item

Now I know why I s### with Marquis. I thought it was just me.