Headsplosion Underperformance

With the upcoming balance changes to mayhem 2.0 I would like it if gearbox addressed a weapon that has been in the game since launch and has been weak since then as well. The Headsplosion I believe has needed some tuning for a long time and especially now. With it being a legendary Jakobs sniper it should be able to make quick work of most enemies in the game (provided that you hit headshots), yet a god roll version with a damage flak build still has a hard time competing with a decent purple sniper against normal enemies. It only does decent once you max stack overkill and have all annointments activated. This might just be me always wanting an endgame viable Jakobs sniper build, but I think that with now having the wedding invitation being fully retired we need a viable weapon to take up its place.


An unseen threat, part of the Guns love and tentacles dlc, is still a decent jacobs legendary sniper. With a good annoitment and build, it can compete in M10

I play Moze and i do oneshot enemies with the Headsplosion( splash you know).

What Mayhem are you trying to run this on? I’m currently using a 3 shot Fade Away focused on the Headsplosion that destroys M4 and think with the right drops it can work up to M6.

And I can understand the Headsplosion not hitting as hard as a Monocle or Unseen Threat since the Headsplosion is much better for mobbing but I’d agree they need to give it some love to be good on M10.